Rudy Project – Rydon Sunglasses Review

featured image February 11, 2012

Rudy Project eyewear has been know for quality and fashion. I have asked Rudy Project to select a pair of sunglasses for trail running, that is, we deal with no light to extremely bright conditions.  New for 2012, I will be reviewing the Rudy Project – Rydon Sunglasses ($230) – Black Gloss frame with ImpactX Racing Red Photochromic lenses.  Additionally, I will also review the ImpactX Clear Photochromic lenses (sold separately – $85).


Out of the box, they appear to be a high quality piece of eyewear.

In Box + Extra


                                               DARK TRANSITION (RED & CLEAR LENS)        NORMAL TRANSITION (RED & CLEAR LENS)



First series of testing included using the Clear Photochromic lenses during my early morning runs.  Although I do wear prescription glasses, I normal do not run with them. When wearing the Rydon with Clear Photochromic lenses, I initially needed to adjust to the slight glare produced by my headlamp and waist lamp (a converted headlamp to waist lamp – read my headlamp review). This issue was minor and did not affect my visibility in the dark.  The lenses performed perfectly and adjusted to the changing light conditions. See photo below after my morning run – ah…the sun.

The sunglasses never slipped and fit perfectly. I attribute this to the no slip nose piece and the very easy adjustment to the noise and temple piece. Please note, the lenses adjust to light conditions. If you are using the clear or red photochromic lenses for driving in your vehicle, the lenses will not transition to full dark state because the UV protection in the windshield and/or side windows prevents the process.

Second series of testing included using the Racing Red Photochromic lenses. I had no issues with low to bright conditions on the trails. The red tinting was perfect for the low light conditions where some sunglasses may hinder viewing obstacles in the shaded areas along the trail. In short, it exceeded my expectations.


 Product Features:

  • Eye Size – 70mm
  • Bridge Size – 17mm
  • Temple Length – 138mm
  • Quick Change – interchangeable lens system
  • Rx – Rx friendly (either in the lens or with an optical adapter)
  • Adjustable Nosepiece – completely adjustable to fit most face types
  • E-Lock – anti-slip nosepiece
  • Safety Project – safety hinges that are hidden and provide safety during a “crash”
  • Adjustable Temples – customized to fit most size or shaped head
  • ImpactX (Select on link for more information)
  • Photochromic Lens
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Light Transmission – 15% (Sunny) to 49% (Cloudy)
Weight Breakdown:



The Rudy Project Rydon with the Photochromic lens performed as expected and exceeded my expectations. They are great to use, because you do not need to change out the lenses when lighting conditions change. If you do change lenses, it is very easy to remove and replace the lenses. The Rydon is the perfect addition to your trail running gear list (and they work well as everyday eyewear).

I must agree with Rudy Project that their sunglasses are highly customized to fit most face types. I have a “large” face and the Rydon fit perfectly. I would say the Rydon is designed for medium to large faces.  For you smaller faced individuals, I would recommend the Rydon II.

I’d love to hear your comments. What’s your favorite pair of sunglasses on the trails?