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Eat and Run with Scott Jurek
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Scott Warr
Eat and Run with Scott Jurek
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Scott Jurek is a trail runner, outdoor enthusiast, physical therapist, competitive athlete, chef, vegan and now author. Scott talks about his new book, Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness.

How does a seven-time Western States 100 winner, three-time Spartathalon winner, two-time Badwater winner. . . . whew, we could go on and on. . . fuel for success?  How did he get into running?  How does he train?  What is next for Scott?

All these questions are answered in a short informative and entertaining interview.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Scott’s Web Site: www.scottjurek.com



Scott’s book site: www.scottjurek.com/eatandrun


Available on June 5 everywhere.  Amazon has it for $16.22!



Scott’s blog: http://scottjurek.tumblr.com

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  1. Brad said on May 30, 2012

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t stop listening. Even when I got to work I had to hide the fact that I was listening to it (headphones are not looked highly on). Scott is one of my “running heroes”. In a world of huge personalities he is one of the most humble top shelf athletes in the world. I read a blog one time about how this guy pushed his way through his first WS (barely making 30 hours) because he knew Scott would be there at the end to greet him. And having to deal with the declining health of his mother growing up. I can’t even imagine. Way to go TRN!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my day!!!!!!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with @Brad…Thank you for this. When I saw who the guest was I did a double take—”Scott Jurek?! What the what!?” What a great podcast. As a vegan trail runner (with a vegan trail runner wife) I am continually amazed and inspired at what Scott Jurek has done and continues to do. Hearing how a plant-based diet has helped Scott continue to run and recover motivates the choices my wife and I make. It isn’t as difficult as people think—plus, it helps to motivate your cooking skills.

    Thanks again for this. I am sure that I will be listening to it a few more times.

  3. Loved listening to Scott Jurek. Very interesting. Also, a little confusing for me. There are some competing viewpoints in the running world: Vegan, vegetarian, paleo… ack! Which is the right approach for me? I suspect like most things running related since we are a sample of 1, we have to experiment and figure out what works for us individually.

  4. Thanks again,
    I’m getting caught up on TRN podcasts and every one is a treat! Thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge and time.

    MIchael, I’m with you. I think paleo makes more sense, but I think we each need to do what helps us live better, for different people that will be different. I LOVE TRN for bringing us so much information. More important, the interviewees aren’t nazi about their life choices, they state this is what works for them. They will help anyone who is interested in that path, and love and respect those who aren’t.

    Thank you again,

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