The Diet of the World’s Fittest People with Matt Fitzgerald

January 6, 2017

Matt Fitzgerald (sports nutritionist, writer, athlete, coach) hits another home run with his latest book, “The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World’s Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel and Perform Better”.  (Whew, that was an endurance title).  Matt took the last two years to do in depth with the top endurance athletes from different sports and from around the world.


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  • Lisa Fogg-Evans

    Great podcast, thanks Matt for all that research. And thank you 33Shake and TRN for selecting one of my videos. Very awesome indeed!

    • Scott Warr


  • Mark Smidt

    Really enjoyed the podcast with Matt Fitzgerald. As usual, lots of great, practical information. Thanks for the podcast, and thanks for the books, Matt.

  • Jbholts

    I’m struggling with this one. In our sport, there our so many outliers to the first idea of “eat everything.” Sage, Tim Olson, Scott Jurek, Elle Greenwood, Mike Wardian, Zach Bitter, Yassine. Also, I’m pondering whether commonalties can really be linked to performance in that way. For example, If we surveyed what music elites listened to, is it fair to draw conclusions about certain bands relation to performance?

    • Scott Warr

      nice points. I think you need to find out what works for YOU. Matt has very good data, but so do some other nutritionists that recommend a high-fat, low carb diet. Per Matt’s earlier book, “Diet Cults”, you need to customize what works for you and quit preaching that your diet is the ONLY diet.