Fastest Known Time Adventures of the Year with Buzz Burrell

March 17, 2017

Buzz Burrell, Brand Director at Ultimate Direction, adventurer, ultra runner, and modern-day explorer, joins The Nation to talk about how hydration has evolved over the years and where he believe it is going.  He also talks about the first annual Fastest Known Time Of the Year awards that were recently published in the March 2017 issue of Ultrarunning Magazine.

Ultrarunning Magazine’s Fastest Known Time Of the Year Article

Fastest Known Times website

Ultimate Direction Website

  • Buzz Burrell

    Thank you for the discussion – you both were very knowledgable, which was a delight!

    • Scott Warr

      Thank you Buzz. Let us know when you want to come back on!

  • Henry Bickerstaff

    I have found that soft bottles are difficult to keep dry and are susceptible to mold. I put the lid in the cupboard and the bottle in the freezer when not in use. It keeps any mold from forming.

    • Scott Warr

      GREAT suggestion Henry!