Sh#@ You Don’t Do On The Trail

April 21, 2017

Tim Twietmeyer and Bob Crowley join The Nation to help the Noob with trail etiquette.

Here is their list:

Trail Etiquette

  • Girlie Man
  • Failed Liftoff
  • Pass The Ass
  • Too Close Carole (or Carl)
  • Can’t Un-see That
  • Blood Letting
  • Downwind

Aid Station Etiquette

  • Wayne’s World Rule
  • Double-Dipper
  • Ice This!
  • Drip Dip
  • Beam Blind
  • Ear Bud Bud
  • Ska’s The Limit
  • Kenton

    I’ve listened to quite a few of your podcasts and laughed right along with you guys – and even learned a lot. I was totally shocked during this episode with the “kick the dog in the head” comment & shut the episode down. Every run I am accompanied by my 4 legged running partner. She isn’t dumb either, she has learned easy, hold up, left, right, straight on. If nothing else I can’t believe you didn’t edit it out.

  • Carl Axel Franzon

    On a trail marathon this weekend I saw one you may want to add – the guy in front of me trying to take a selfie while running on narrow section