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  • Ashley Walsh: 9 Ultrarunning Norms You Can Break – Part 1

    Ashley Walsh rejoins Trail Runner Nation to discuss some common norms that you should question: You don’t have to get faster You don’t need to run long on weekends You don’t need a sponsor You don’t need to apologize for a crappy race on soci...Read More

  • Ashley Walsh plays Grab Bag

    Ashley Walsh has been busy weaving a tapestry of trail philosophy on her blog AshRuns100s, training and racing.  In fact, she recently killed it at Pistol 100 Mile in TN, where she won with a sub 20-hour finish!  You gotta run this one just for th...Read More

  • Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman: BADWATER: Salton Sea Report

    Join Ashley and Jimmy Dean Freeman as they share their adventure at the inaugural Salon Sea Ultramarathon. Heat, rain, wind, COLD, 81 miles and 9,000 feet of climbing can make for an interesting race. What can make it more interesting? This is a t...Read More

  • Unpacking Pandora's Box with Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman

    Pandora's Box turned out to be a bit larger than we thought. After an hour and 48 minute podcast we still have some more work to do. Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we discuss, "If you walk in your endurance run can you really really cl...Read More

  • Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean open Pandora's Box

    Is running 100 mile races for everyone? What are you getting into when you open that box to begin training for and racing 100 mile races? What sacrifices will you need to make?...Read More

  • Are you tough enough – with Ashley Walsh

    Ashley Walsh, a multi-100 mile finisher, free-lance writer, and tough chick, talks about how to become tougher, can you lose your toughness, how to train yourself to be tougher, etc....Read More

  • TERMS of the TRAIL with Ashley & AJW

    There is a unique vocabulary for the Trail Running tribe.  Ashley Walsh and Andy Jones-Wilkins join The Nation to discuss some of these terms....Read More

  • Valentines Day Edition: Whatcha Love and Whatcha Don't on the Trail

    Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we explore what we love and what we could live without on the trail. Ashley is nice. Scott is out of town and submits his list and appears as "Silent Scott" channeling his thoughts through Don. Jimmy st...Read More

  • Holiday Game Show – Year 3

    Our annual TRN game show is hear!  We hope you enjoy the fun we have with four amazing contestants: Returning Champions: Team Beast Coast Ashley Walsh, AKA Rufus hails from Georgia.  She is a social marketing savant and can be followed on all socia...Read More

  • Trail Running Stories – Fact or Fiction?

    Team Beast Coast, Andy Jones-Wilkins and Ashley Walsh,  won our last game show, “$100,000 Pyramid – Nation Style“.  They join The Nation along with two additional West Coast teams Team “Smells Like Wasatch Spirit”, Jim...Read More

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