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  • Ep 419 : Candice Burt Takes a Dose of Her Own Medicine…..And LOVES It!

    Candice Burt joins The Nation to give us a report of her 3rd Place overall title at Delirious W.E.S.T 200 Mile Ultra.  Candice is arguably one of the pioneers in designing and directing the 200+ mile endurance races.  Until a few short weeks ago, s...Read More

  • Candice Burt: Wise Ol’ Sayings

    Runner, Race Director and founder of Destination Trails Candice Burt joins as we take ‘wise old says’ and turn them on their heads.  We examine the classic saying…….. from the trail point of view.   Links below Candice&#...Read More

  • Candice Burt HURT100

    Candice Burt proves that experience and execution are two key ingredients if you want to stand on the podium at the finish line. HURT100 is legendary for challenging even the toughest of Ultrarunners.  Candice seems to enjoy the 100 mile distance as...Read More

  • TRN Audio Magazine featuring covergirl Candice Burt

    Ultra Race Director and Covergirl, Candice Burt, joins The Nation for our first edition of our Audio Magazine.  Tune in to hear more about: How to dress for wet/cold weather “Where the Wild Things Are” Time to Get Strong Training Your Di...Read More

  • Leg Sucking Mud! with Candice Burt

    Candice Burt joins us to Teach us how to be a hipster ultrarunner How to organize a 200-mile endurance run How she is prepping for next week’s Bighorn Mountain Wild & Scenic Trail Run 100-miler.  Please help her with race info by using #Ca...Read More

  • Things to Consider when Dating an UltraRunner with Candice Burt & Faith (wha?!?!)

    Candice Burt joins us from Hawaii, where she is preparing for her third running of the HURT 100. Faith Lehman (Goss) comes out of retirement to join in this not-so-heated debate about the pros and cons of being in a relationship with an ultra-runner....Read More

  • Candice Burt: How to be Tough as Nails

    Candice Burt rejoins The Nation to discuss the Tahoe 200, the first 200-mile race in North America.  The race will begin on Friday, September 5 and cutoff is the following Tuesday, September 9.  The race will be covered by Candice’s article, ...Read More

  • When Ultra Runners Go Too Far – Candice Burt

    Nation member, Candice Burt joins us to discuss a recent lighthearted  blog post she wrote on how ultra runners take things to excess. DUH!   That’s who we are. Fun article about people that make up excuses for not racing well. Here are some ...Read More

  • Candice Burt- The Every Person’s Guide to Trail Running Lingo

    Candice Burt, elite trail runner and active blogger, recently created a glossary of terms that trail runners use.  For example: Paleo Bonk FKT Minimalist Finally, there is a simple dictionary for you to share with your non-trail running friends and ...Read More

  • Ep 414 Suffering?

    Candice Burt and Tosh (Brian Chontosh) talk about suffering and this and that Tosh’s 10 minutes Mental Vacation Purposeful training 15/5 rule Broad-based athletic ability Learn more about Crooked Butterfly Podcast and Humans of Ultra Podcast...Read More