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  • EP 454: Why is Weight-Loss so Difficult Even for Runners? Dr. Phil Maffetone

    Dr. Phil Maffetone helps us understand the difference about over-weight and over-fat.  We discuss why is so difficult to lose weight because our understandings may be in error. If we lose excess fat, we will become healthier and more effici...Read More

  • Daydreaming is Healthy for Runners – Dr. Phil Maffetone

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge; knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution” – Albert Einstein “Becoming aware of ourselves and our surrou...Read More

  • Dr. Phil Maffetone Unplugged

    This is a fun podcast with Dr. Phil Maffetone.  Our original intent was to talk about his new book, “The Overfat Pandemic: Exposing the Problem and Its Simple Solution for Everyone Who Needs to Eliminate Excess Body Fat”. As we began our...Read More

  • Dr. Phil Maffetone was RIGHT all along!

    Dr. Phil Maffetone rejoins The Nation to talk about insulin resistance and the addictive properties of sugars. Read his article, “Overfat Pandemic” We also discuss the recent Nike sub 2-hour marathon event and Dr. Phil’s “1:59...Read More

  • Take Your Shirt Off and Get Some Vitamin D – with Dr. Phil Maffetone

    Dr. Phil Maffetone has changed the way most of us eat, train, run and live our lives.  He joins The Nation to talk about the social stress of the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy, hydration, getting enough vitamin D, using fish oils, and mu...Read More

  • Phil Maffetone: How can Rhythm Improve Your Efficiency?

    Dr. Phil Maffetone rejoins The Nation after the release of his new book, The Endurance Handbook: How to Achieve Athletic Potential, Stay Healthy, and Get the Most Out of Your Body. Phil brews up a cozy cup of his fat-burning coffee (for non-coffee d...Read More

  • Breaking the 1:59 marathon with Dr. Phil Maffetone

    Dr. Phil Maffetone joins TRN to talk about his new book, “1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach—Here’s How It Will Go Down, and What It Can Teach All Runners about” Although 90% of us are not going to be in contention of runni...Read More

  • Dr. Phil Maffetone – Building a Better Athletic Brain

    Dr. Maffetone teaches us that the brain’s role is often overlooked in training and racing, how to improve brain function through biofeedback stimulation, and how to develop and maintain a better athletic brain. Buy Dr. Phil Maffetone’s Bi...Read More

  • Phil Maffetone transcribed!

    We had a company,, transcribe one of our podcast episodes.  We thought we would start with Dr. Phil Maffetone. Let us know if you like the transcription.  Eat to Win with Dr. Phil Maffetone If you want to listen to the podcast of Phil, clic...Read More

  • Eat to Win with Dr. Phil Maffetone

    To reach your athletic potential, Dr. Phil Maffetone shares the secret ingredient is in the kitchen. Nutrition is the foundation for performance and recovery. We open his Big Red Book and ask the author to connect his content to the trail. We dis...Read More