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Kokopelli is a prehistoric deity depicted hundreds of times in rock art – some of it thousands of years old, located in numerous sites throughout the southwestern United States’ deserts and mountains. This mythic being has survived in recognizable form from the Anasazi times to the present.

It is widely believed that the Kokopelli was a fertility symbol, roving minstrel or trader, rain priest, hunting magician, trickster and seducer of maidens. Some legends suggest that Kokopelli was primarily a long distance runner that traveled throughout Mexico, the west coast, the southwest, and possibly even as far as Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Europe and Africa. No matter what form or how complete our understanding of his history, Kokopelli still brings wonder to our lives.

Most images depict Kokopelli with a hunched back and playing a flute, however Trail Runner Nation has recently discovered that the TRUE form of Kokopelli that stands erect and running. Our studies are uncovering some of the Performance Enhancing Characteristics that this deity bestows upon his tribe. Although not completely understood, we would like to share with the Trail Runner Nation some of the proven benefits that have been discovered.

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