Single Earphones by Far End Gear

featured image May 15, 2012

Far End Gear manufactures OneGood™ Earphones.  These single bud earphones make it safe and convenient to run on the trails and be aware of other trail users including hungry bears.  The headphone mixes both channels of sound from a stereo audio device into a single ear.  They are available in many different configurations to suit your individual preferences.  We tested the following:

  The I-Pod-style earphone comes with an optional mic that you can use to answer calls or carry on a conversation with SIRI.  This is an affordable convenient option instead of cutting bud off a set of earphones AND getting the full sound.









Far End Gear also makes BuDLoKs™: an optional silicone bud tip that “locks” the ear buds into your ear so they don’t fall out while running.






They also make ear buds with shorter cords.  The 15″ cord allows you to attach your MP3 player on your hat or shirt – closer to your ear.


  • Easy and convenient to use in comparison to standard ear buds
  • SAFE to use: keeping one ear open to you surroundings
  • Both stereo channels in one ear
  • Can use the ear buds with the mic as a hands free alternative when driving
  • Tim liked the short cord length because he wears his mp3 player on his arm
  • Sound quality is fine – not comparable to higher end / high priced ear buds.
  • Faith & Tim had trouble keeping the “in-ear” bud in their ears until they added a BuDLoK™
  • BuDLoKs™ are extra
Comments:  Don was very skeptical using these. He asked, “Why would I want music in ONE ear?  Heck, I have a pair of earphones with one broken ear- bud already!”  He was pleasantly surprised, “both channels of music in one ear and I’m able to hear footsteps and conversation of runners around me.  Trail worthy? YES! Sitting in the park, uhhhh, no.”

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  1. Jeff says:

    I used my XDU to listen to Trail Runner Nation podcasts on the trail! love the foot step intro of each podcast because I hear the exact same sound from my feet through my other ear! 🙂

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