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EP 588: Audio Magazine – Volume 11

Professional Headmaster and 2nd place finisher of the 2005 Western States 100, Andy Jones-Wilkins, join us to write the latest edition of Audio Magazine. The Authors dug deep to come up with topics that will keep you up to date and informed about...

EP 587: The Art of Pacing

Runner, Coach, and Author Matt Fitzgerald has a new book out, On Pace, Discover How to Run Every Race at Your Real Limit. If you go to the link you can get the first chapter for FREE!!!! Matt helps us understand why pacing...

EP 586: Anatomy of An Aid Station

Aid Stations are so important at a race.  They have evolved with trail running over time combining medical help, shelter, therapy, and all-you-can eat buffets. Sarah Lavender-Smith joins us to discuss how they have evolved and how to...


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