About Trail Runner Nation

If you told us when we launched this podcast over twelve years ago that we’d produce more than 660 shows, we would have shaken our heads in utter disbelief.

Pre-taping show prep, with Don and guest Bob Crowley, the President of ITRA, the International Trail Running Association, and one of the founders of Trail Animals Running. (And yes, Don knows where each cable goes. Or so he says.)

But here we are– one of trail running’s longest-running podcasts, and one of its most downloaded. And we’re still having a blast, doing what we enjoy most, sharing our passion for trail running with others.

It continues to be a remarkable journey. We are humbled that so many of you listen, and grateful that we have been able to contribute to a sport– a lifestyle– that has given us so much.

Don and Scott running near the American River. Scott isn’t skipping nor is he jumping over a rattlesnake. In fact, this is the exact moment he pulled his calf muscle and was done trail running for two weeks.

We are here in large part because of our Trail Runner Nation– namely, you. So, please be in touch. We would love to hear from you, no matter the reason: a comment, some positive criticism, a show idea, or just to say hello.

Drop us a note anytime. We’ll be here, trail running and dreaming up new show ideas and projects with our partners, all in the name of sharing this great sport.

Happy trail running!

Don and Scott


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