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Interested in talking directly with trail running’s community? The Trail Runner Nation audience includes everyone from diehard trail runners to first-time trail runners in the US and around the world. 

We partner with trail running’s leading brands as well as up-and-coming companies. You can see many of our current and past partners, here.

Partnerships range from host-read pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls, to multi-channel partnerships that include online blog, social, and video content and creative content ventures. 

For those of you who might be new to podcasting, podcasts are very effective at selling products and increasing your brand’s awareness. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, two thirds of podcast listeners have taken action as a result of a podcast ad.

Join trail running’s most listened-to podcast, devoted to sharing knowledge and advice with the trail running community. Our audience is loyal to the partners who support the show they love!

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