EP 520: State of The Nation

This past year has broken from the normal and thrown some curveballs, challenges and outright disappointments to our lives inside trail running.  We thought it would be a good discussion to talk about the state of The Nation, the trail running...

EP 516: I Hate Running and You Can Too

How to Get Started and Make Sense of An Irrational Passion, is a book written by runner, adventurer, skier, biker, speaker and climber, Brenden Leonard. Brendan takes his unique skill of illustrations take a fun, tongue-in-cheak look at our...

EP 494 Kim Strom: Running For Life

We all have multiple identities – Mom, brother, friend, scientist, comedian, bowler, runner, writer, etc. Some of these identities come by choice, by chance or forced upon us. They may change over time too. We are the sum of these identities...


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