AuthorScott Warr

EP 531: The Art of Running with Joe Grant

Joe Grant has run and raced around the world and created some adventures in his home state of Colorado. Guest Hosts Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe find out more about what makes Joe tick including: Joe’s movie, The Middle WayFind out more about...

EP 529: Mimmi Kotka Takes on RED-S and Wins

Mimmi Kotka is a world class runner that lives part-time in the Chamonix Valley with her husband Toni and dog Enzo, giving tours of the mountains at Run the Alps.  Mimmi has won or been on the podium at a number of major trail races around the world...

Special Announcement

This week’s podcast (Friday) will be hosted by two of our favorite guests, Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe. Be sure to check out these links to their coaching and their events coming up: Stephanie’s web siteStephanie’s...


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