Dr. Mark Cucuzzella: running Comrades & Sports Medical Conference

August 16, 2013

Dr. Mark has had a busy summer.  He recently returned from running the oldest and largest ultra marathon,  Comrades Marathon in South Africa.  This 89 km course started in 1921 and has nearly 20,000 participants annually.  Our Dr. finished a respectable 869 out of 19,524.  While he was out there, he co-chaired the Sports Medical Conference with Dr. Tim Noakes.

Stuff we referenced:

  • Simon Bromfield

    I’m a listener from South Africa. Really enjoyed your coverage of the Comrades ultra. I completed my first this year, it’s really an incredible event. Just one comment if you complete your second race you get a special back-2-back medal.

  • Jeff Clowers

    Here is another one of those Achievement Ultra’s – love the idea wish some race groups or ultra’s in the states would do this;


    1000 miles in the ultra and you get a few things.

  • Patrick Quillen

    Dr. Mark is amazing. Going way beyond Comrades. Kepping it simple, keeping it real, even with a hint to take it into the Spiritual. Downloaded and saved!