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Steven Sashen, the founder of Invisible Shoes and author of the popular Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say video, joins us for an insightful discussion on topics including invisible shoes, running on a foot of cotton, a thin sheet of stainless steel and broken glass… Did I forget anything? About a million other disconnected tangents… Oh yeah, stay tuned at the end for a special bonus track where we keep the mic live for a post interview discussion!

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  • OMgosh! I work at a public school, I don’t drink, anyone would have thought that I was drunk at today!
    There I was with my headphones on, listening to this podcast. Anybody watching me would have just seen a nutty girl laughing to tears at random moments in time.
    Oh wow, this was great! What a fabulous podcast with great information. I can’t wait to give some of this footwear a try.

    • (sigh) just watched the video again; Sh*t barefoot runners say, now I’m going to bed with a silly stupid trail runner grin on my face! thanks for helping my day be awesome!

  • I watched the video 7 times that I’ll admit to. It’s so funny but I can definitely see myself in there at times. I can’t wait for the debut of the next one.

    • Jessica,

      We just saw the preview and it is very funny. Steven says he will do the final edits and should have it ready soon. We will have it posted as soon as it is available.

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