Faith's 50 miler – You always remember your first!

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Scott & Don
[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] Join Don and Scott as they chat with Faith, fresh out of her first 50 miler. There were hamburgers, chafage, post-race blackouts and more! Listen to get the scoop.

Check out a couple other first-time 50 milers’ race reports below.

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  • Congrats Faith!

    I listened intently as I am thinking of doing my first in June this year. I like how you thought after 30 miles another 20 was just more of the same tiredness. I felt pretty good after my last 50k and went shopping the rest of the day so maybe I’m ready? Only one way to find out!

  • I LOVED listening to this podcast! thank you for sharing Faith!!! I’m sticking gluten free bread in my drop bags for sure!

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