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Initial impression:

While reviewing the website I really enjoyed how the page was aimed at catching the female eye. All their gear had bright colors and eye catching designs. When the gear arrived in the mail it was like opening a holiday package! The shirt felt silky and absorbent and the visor made me want to go out and run with the bright colors!

Continue reading for the review of one of their stylish tanks, cute visor, and sassy gators!

Gear testing:

This gear was testing in a hot humid climate. The tank fit a little large in the abdominal area but worked well size wise for bigger shoulders. Sometime tanks can rub in the wrong places but this tank flowed nicely and I experienced zero “chafeage”. The tank wicked sweat perfectly. It didn’t get heavy when it got moist and didn’t hold any heat against the body. After the run, the tank didn’t feel stinky and I was able to run errands without getting the “stink eye”.











I turned so many heads running in my visor I wasn’t sure if my form was on par or what. I guess it was just my cute visor! I received so many compliments on my visor it became the talk of my afternoon running group! I really enjoyed flaunting my colorful visor. It kept the sun and sweat from invading my eyes. This visor also dried fairly quickly after the run and served as a great accessory to grocery shopping!


The gators performed great! They stayed in place well with the hook and velcro. The material was thin and hardly noticeable. They did not cause my feet to overheat. They also dried fairly quickly after a nice hand wash and hang dry.

Final thoughts…


I will be back to purchase tanks from Run Pretty Far. Not only are their items eye catching, but I really appreciated how well the tank absorbed my sweat and stayed fresh hours after running! As for the visor, I will continue to wear my pretty item, however, I am worried over time that the white might turn yellow from my sweaty excellence! I suggest adding a hint of terry cloth to the head piece to keep yellowing away. The gators were a super fun pattern. They kept little rocks and stickers out of my socks and shoes. I will be back to purchase more of these head turning designs!



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