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The RaceReady StreamLine Tech T addresses the issue with the headphone cord that may get tangled and/or snagged on something while running.


shirtFor those runners familiar with the RaceReady line of apparel, the StreamLine Tech T is made from their ultra-lightweight fabric – ReadyTech Aires fabric.  Unlike their Cool-T shirts, I found the StreamLine Tech T to be more of a “relaxed” fit.  It feels very nice next to the skin.  I did notice that the material around the neck is a little “looser”.  I asked Race Ready regarding the changes – that is, fit of their shirts.  They responded as follows:

“September…[2012] we started using a fuller cut on our 4050 crew necks and their derivative such as the crew neck [in the] StreamLine. We’ve used a slimmer “runner cut” in the past for the crew necks but found that this sometimes caused sizing issues on large club, team and race orders where the ordering party was more used to a “big box” shoe brand type of sizing. We are planning on making the same type of change across our shirt product line in the Dec- Jan timeframe.”

cord channelThe nice addition to the StreamLine T is the channel for the headphone cord.


Honestly, I needed to adjust  to the more “relaxed” fit of the StreamLine T (I’m just familiar with their traditional “slimmer” fit).  It’s not surprising the shirt worked well in wicking moisture and felt “light” on the skin (Aires fabric).  The headphone cord stayed within the built-in hidden channel in front of the shirt.  It worked perfectly with my RaceReady LD shorts (and my other shorts with pockets).


  • Weight – 4.5 ounces (120.5 grams) (Medium)
  • Material – Polyester
  • Fit – Regular
  • Made In – USA
  • NOTE: A “channel” in the front to route your headphone cord through.


The RaceReady StreamLine T is a great solution for addressing what-to-do with the headphone cord.  It also helps that it is a great Tec shirt and a solid performer on the trail backed by RaceReady quality and great customer service.  Please note, you should order your “normal” sizing you are familiar with in your other Tec shirts with the newly designed “big box” fit.  I can see issues if you don’t have any pockets in your running shorts/tights (should look into getting some LD shorts/tights) or if you use an armband and route your cord through your sleeves – maybe the next version will have sleeve cord channels.

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