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New for 2013 are the following from Brooks:


Essential Hoodie

front view     back view

Great soft feel next to the skin.  Lightweight hoodie that comfortably covers the head, but not too loose that makes it runner friendly.  It comes with a front kangaroo pocket which contains a small loop to hook items (e.g., keys, etc.).




The hoodie worked well on long and short runs when I needed a little more than just a short sleeve shirt.  It works well as a post-run apparel and even looks great around town. Overall, a great versatile piece of apparel on the run or just hanging out.


LSD Lite Vest

front backHmmm. Super light immediately comes to mind. It comes in slightly under 3 oz (approximately 4 oz lighter than the Essential Vest).  If you are looking for a wind and water resistant piece of gear along with a light feel, the LSD Lite Vest is the apparel you are looking for.  It is the perfect gear when the wind picks up and you need something that is not a jacket.  It has a rear pocket for small items (also used as a pocket to pack the vest in).  Although, I would not put too many items in the pocket because the vest is so light the objects created a bouncing feel while running.  In summary, super light, packable, wind resistant, water resistant, and does the job.



Board Racer 6 ½” Shorts

shorts front shorts backI initially had mixed feelings about “board” shorts for running.  However, Brooks has successfully merged the two together.  They have a board shorts like feel with the flat waistband and four-way stretch material, but designed with a runner in mind.  They have a nice brief liner.  It comes with one small zippered pocket on the right side (sorry you lefties).  The pocket holds 3 GU’s.  You can hold more, but it gets too heavy and starts to have the bouncing feeling while running.

right pocket

They also shed light rain due to the DWR coating (a nice addition).  What can I say – a great new addition to the Brooks line of running shorts.


Essential Hoodie

  • Material – 95% polyester/5% spandex
  • Fit – Semi-Fitted
  • Number of Pockets – 1 (Kangaroo Pocket)
  • Made in – Malaysia

LSD Lite Vest

  • Shell Material – 100% Polyester
  • Side Panel Material – 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex
  • Fit – Semi-Fitted
  • Zip – Full
  • Elastic Cuffs – None (Vest)
  • Hood – None
  • Number of Pockets – One
  • Water Resistant – Yes
  • Wind Resistant – Yes
  • Packable – Yes
  • Bottom Draw Cords – No
  • Made in – Philippines

Board Racer 6 ½” Shorts

  • Outer Material – 89% polyester/11% spandex (DWR Coating for moisture repellency)
  • Lining Material – 88% nylon/12% LYCRA Spandex
  • Fit – Semi-Fitted (Fits like board shorts)
  • Liner – Briefs
  • Number of Pockets – 1 (Right Side Zipper Pocket)
  • Inseam Length – 6.5 inches)
  • Made in – Philippines

Weight Breakdown

weight table


Essential Hoodie

It’s very soft next to the skin. It’s just the right warmth for the early morning runs.  It can also be used as a sun-hoodie (i.e., at the beach).  It also works very well with the LSD Lite Vest when you need some wind protection.

LSD Lite Vest

Super light!  It’s perfect for those windy days and resists light rain. It’s a great alternative when a jacket is not an option, and it’s packable.

Board Racer 6 ½” Shorts

Board shorts crossed over to running.  It has the board shorts feel built with runners in mind.  They look and feel great on a run or near the pool.


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