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Mountain running apparel by La Sportiva.  Let’s take a look at the Peak T-Shirt and Gravity Shorts.


Peak T-Shirt

peak tshirtThe Peak T-Shirt fits true to size and is a regular fit. However, it is a little snug in the shoulder/arm area. It drapes nicely over the body.  It is made of Cocona material which increases breathability, UV protection and odor management.  It is super light and comes in at 3.05 oz (86.5 grams). It’s one of the lightest shirts I have test (2nd to the GoLite Wildwood at 2.50 oz – 80.9 grams).

The Peak T-Shirt tested well in cool to hot conditions, again, super light and extremely breathable. I did not experience any chafing running in soaked conditions. The only issue I had was the shirt has a high snag factor, that is, the fabric snags easily.  You will need to be careful around thistles and overhanging branches.

Gravity Shorts

gravity shortsFirst, no liner is included.  This gives the individual options to choose their type of underwear – bun huggers, boxer briefs or boxers, tights/compression, or just free-willy.  The Gravity Shorts have a different feel due to the 3 sections of fabric – main body, side inserts, and back.  They fit true to size and have an outside drawcord. The shorts have one small zippered pocket in the rear that can hold about 3 GU’s comfortably.  There is tacky silicon applied to the back inside of the shorts for extra gripping power when the pocket may be loaded with running essentials.

The Gravity Shorts tested well in cold and hot conditions. The comfort and support level varied depending on the underwear selected. I liked that you could pick your own liner with the Gravity Shorts.  The only thing I would want is several outside mesh pockets in the rear next to the zippered pocket for carrying more running essentials.

pocket view


Peak T-Shirt

  • Material – 100% Polyester with Cocona Natural Technology
  • Contract Mesh Material – 100% Polyester
  • Fit – Regular (although a little tight in the shoulder/arms)
  • Number of Pockets – None
  • Weight – 3.05 oz (86.5 grams) – Size Small
  • Made in – Turkey

Gravity Shorts

  • Main Body Material: 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Side Inserts Material: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
  • Back Inserts Material: 85% Polyester, 16% Spandex
  • Fit – Regular
  • Liner – None (This is bring your own underwear.)
  • Number of Pockets – 1 (Small Zippered Pocket in Rear)
  • Inseam Length – 8inches
  • Liner Length – None
  • Weight – 3.70 oz (104.9 grams) – Size Small
  • Made in – Turkey


Peak T-Shirt

Light, breathable, fast drying and made of Cocona fabric all great features.  However, you will need to watch careful with the high snag factor of this shirt.

Gravity Shorts

Optional liner, that is, choose your own liner to wear, durable construction and breathable.  One small pocket may be sufficient, but may leave you wanting for more storage on the longer training runs.



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