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view 1It’s been cold running this winter, and I needed something light, moisture wicking and quick drying.  I thought I would try out the Headsweats Toaster Beanie.

Headsweats states the Toaster Beanie has been taken from “…the popular Midcap Beanie and combined its proprietary fabric Eventure™ Spandex with an Eventure™ Terry sweatband to offer the same great features of the Super Duty moisture management system in a light-weight beanie…Eventure™ Stretch Fabric on one side. Eventure™ Knit Fabric sweatband quickly wicks moisture away. Great mid-weight fleece item for colder temperatures. Low profile, technical construction makes it perfect for any winter activity especially for use under a helmet.”

All the statements above are true.  I found the Toaster Beanie to be very warm in cold conditions. Any perspiration was soaked up immediately leaving nothing to get in the eyes.  It feels very light on the head and is not thick or bulky like traditional beanies. I enjoyed using it on long trail runs, bike rides (works great under the helmet), and even while hiking.

Headsweats states one size fits all, but I would say that it is one size fits most.  It was a little snuggle for my large cranium, but not too uncomfortable.  I like the black color, but others may want varying colors for their personal style.

It was easy to wash and dries quickly. I general hand wash, but it is machine washable.

The Toaster Beanie came in at 1.20 oz (~34 grams) – lightweight.

In summary, the Toaster Beanie is a lightweight moisture wicking performance beanie that will shed the cold.  Runners with large craniums may find it a little snuggle but manageable.

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