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The Icebreaker Drive is very comfortable right out of its packaging (no itching experienced).  It comes in at 9.35 oz. The sizing is a regular fit with a half zippered front for great temperature regulation. There is plenty of coverage on the neck to keep the cold out. There are eyelet panels to provide great venting (along the sides and underneath the arms).  There is a small chest pocket (with headphone port) – can also hold 2 to 3 GU gels.  The most important new feature is the nanotechnology used in Drive. Besides the great benefits of wool (see Wool 101), Icebreaker’s nanotechnology contains tiny nano particles which attach themselves to the merino fiber, leaving pockets of air to maintain breathability and prevent overheating. The nano particles have a ridged surface that reduces the contact area, allowing water, oil and mud to simply run off. [1]


The Drive performed well in cold conditions.  When the wind kicked up, I put a thin shell over the Drive, and it kept me nice and toasty.  After the initial washing, I gave it the 100 mile test, that is, no washing whatsoever.  After each run, I just hung it up to dry and wore it on my next run.  As expected from the awesome properties of wool, there was no odor – well none that I could smell – so I asked members of my family (of course without full disclosure). The verdict was – no odor smell.

Also, the “nanotechnology” used in the Drive really works to shed light precipitation.  The water just beeped up on the surface and rolled off. Very nice!

Overall, the Drive is a nice piece of outdoor apparel updated with “technology”, and it looks great around town.

Tech Specs

  • Half Zip
  • Number of Pockets: 1 zippered (Chest)
  • Fabric: 96% merino wool, 4% elastane
  • Fit: Regular
  • Thickness: 200 lightweight
  • Thumb holes
  • Weight: 9.35 oz (265 g) (Men’s Small)


The Icebreaker Drive  is a great piece of winter running apparel that should last a very long time in your gear closet.  I love the fit, style, warmth, and the addition of nanotechnology (for water repellency) of the Drive.  You will not be disappointed.

[1] The nanotechnology is accredited by bluesign®, an independent global standard for low-pollutant textiles, environmentally-friendly production and responsible management of resources.  

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