Favorite unorthodox trail snack?

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Hi and welcome to our first installment of the Question of the Week! We will be posting one topic per week here regarding any number of random trail topics. This week, as mentioned in the title: What is your favorite unorthodox trail snack?!

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  • I don’t think this is unorthodox, my FAVORITE trail snack at the moment is the Stinger Waffle. Oh that is so good. It is my reward at the mid point of a LONG run.

  • Trail running for long distances is considered unorthodox; the variety of food all seems normal. In the pouring rain one year Aid Stations at Helen Klein 50 mile were serving Cheese Broccoli soup. I must have been in Central Fatigue because I accepted a cup from an aid worker, and it powered me down the trail.

    • PB on a stinger ??? !!!! How far do I have to run to get one of those 😉 I will start the bid at 30 miles !!!

  • I’m going to have to try those Honey Stinger waffles. They sound much more appetizing than the Saltines I end up eating.

  • Lisa – they’re awesome! Don turned me onto them and I, too, love them. They are great as a motivational treat for later in a long training run or long race. A nice change from all the gels.

    • Bingo! Couldn’t agree more. I have one after every long run as well – usually with some crunchy seal salt & pepper chips. Spaghettios usually hit the spot for me as well.

  • I have to say pickles and V8.
    Our local Hash Harriers set up an unofficial aid station at the Ouachita Trail 50 every April. I hit that aid station cramping and in trouble. They handed me a can of V8. I thought they would have to be kidding, V8 on an icky stomach….
    They crammed several small cans of V8 down my throat along with dill pickles. They got me laughing and within minutes I left the aid station in fine form ready to finish the race.

    I always have V8 in my drop bags and sometimes pickles. We have both V8 and pickles at our aid station at the Arkansas Traveller 100, and they are a huge hit! along with our pumpkin pie.

  • Turkey and cheese on a bagel, with mustard and mayonnaise (the only time I ever eat complex carbs or mayonnaise)

  • Salted sunflower seeds. Last forever, don’t need a bag, just throw some in your pocket grab them as you go. No litter. Sodium, calories, and they help take your mind off things during a low stretch. I love them. My wife however, not as much of a fan when I wash running shorts with a handful of seeds still in my pockets…

  • This looks like a marketing research GOLDMINE for Clif, GU, Powerbar, Hammer etc.

    I discovered Ensure at a race. Saved my bacon. Not literally 🙂

  • Thanks for all the great ideas…can’t wait for the next run to try the V*8 & pickles. I like Natures Valley Granola bars-oats and Homey! Super boring, but keeps me going!

  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies … only problem is they sometimes become very crumbly..but are individually wrapped.

    • I posted this before becoming a member, hence, no avatar. I know, for a fact, that Matt Carpenter uses oatmeal creme pies in Colorado, on occasion.

    • Those have been my go-to refuel on a long bike ride. You can find them at most gas stations. Have not thought to try on my runs. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I like to eat cherry Nibs. That’s right. The little licorice bites. I think they work just as well as Jelly Belly’s sport beans but are palatable for much longer.

    I also like fudge dipped chocolate chip granola bars.

  • Oreo cookied slathered with peanut butter and m&ms sprinkled on top. In the later stages of a 100, it’s ok if an advil or two is mixed in with the m&ms.

  • Source of all sustenance on the trail – weight loss shakes (with the 4:1 carb to protein mix), yogurt smoothies, and Hunt’s Snak Packs. With exception to water and a few Endurolytes each hour, there is nothing more needed…

  • Bananas and peanut butter. They had them at my first ultra, so I assumed all ultras had them. Luckily most aid stations have bananas and they have a jar of peanut butter to create my favorite treat.

  • I really like to take along banana chips. I throw them in a zip loc baggie and go. The only problem is that if you take them out during the middle of the winter they get REALLY hard and it feels like your teeth might break.

  • Banana chips is a GREAT idea. I love bananas at race aid stations, but find they get smashed on a training run:) I’m gonna try it!

  • Rice crispie treats made with pretzels and dark chocolate chips (I substitute 2 cups of crushed prezel sticks for 2 cups of crispies). Salty sweet!!!!

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