What are 2 things that you learned in 2012?

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As most of us are beginning our training season, TRN asks the question of the week: What are 2 things that you learned in 2012?

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  • 1. Listening to dozens of TRN podcasts does not make-up for under-training.

    2. Aid station volunteers are angels.

    More Dr Cucuzzella in 2013 please.

    • We are recording an episode with Dr. Cucuzzella AND Dr. Gangemi tomorrow night! TOPIC: What did you learn in 2012? 🙂

  • I have learned that running the trails has changed me for the better.

    And that I would not have achieved this if it wasn’t for TRN (seriously, thank you)

  • To really pay attention to what works for food before a race
    And some massage techniques to keep my feet from cramping after (Holy CRAP foot cramps hurt!)

  • 1. Long training runs go a whole lot easier when you have a training partner.
    2. When i’m 10 miles into a run I need to eat even though I’m not hungry.

  • 1. I need to eat and consume gels even when I feel great – this is merely my mind teasing my body.

    2. When I am injured stay injured and take time to build in excercise that repairs this injury.

  • That running early in the morning really is a good way to start the day (who knew?)

    That I can do an easy run first thing in the morning without eating breakfast.

  • The power of belief is everything. (I completed my first 100km 6 months after being diagnosed with cancer)

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