All I want for Christmas . . .

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It looks like Santa is already leaving presents for good trail runners under this Christmas tree along the Western States Trail.

  • What trail goodies do you want Santa to bring you this week?
  • What are some good stocking stuffers for your favorite trail runner?



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  • Nuun electrolyte tabs – Cola flavor please.
    1 pair of Montrail Rogue Racers size 12
    A Gift Certificate for some massage when the miles start to catch up to me.
    and for all the cyclist to be a little kinder to the runners 🙂 !!!

  • Nice one, Scott! Did you take that pic on Saturday on the way back up to Overlook with Mike? Even stopping for some fun, you guys still beat us to the finish…

    GU packets, all flavors (except coffee or chocolate, bleh)
    Waffle Stingers – as many as you can fit in the stocking!
    A new Mountain Hardwear Stimulus jacket!!! (just take it out of my closet and wrap it up, Santa)
    I’m wondering if any of the waterproof/breathable gloves/hats would compliment that jacket for the soggy days on the trail???

  • Two Toms Sport Shield for chafe prevent, and Bio Freeze to work out the post run soreness or loosen up a tight area pre run. Been “nicer” than naughty this year so I expect Santa to deliver. I have gone Green so I don’t need the coal to burn anymore.

  • The Salomon S-lab hydro pack, c’mon santa I’ve been a good trail runner! maybe some Gu as a stocking stuffer too! (-:

  • I just wanted a little vacation and some fun family time. Getting both Friday! Happy holidays! I suppose I wouldn’t mind some new shorts though…mine are starting to show a bit too much leg for my non-Brad Pitt self.

  • I’m wondering if I want hiking sticks? Any brand suggestions?
    Lets see, a year’s supply of running shoes would be nice 🙂
    An entry into a race 🙂

    I can’t complain, my non-running family does a great job of supporting their “mental” runner wife/mom.

  • Lisa,

    I have a pair of REI brand carbon hiking poles that I love – very light. Although I’ve never used them for running, just backpacking and fastpacking.

      • They may. I have also tried Killian’s method of putting your hands on your knees and pushing. Not sure if it is the best method. . . . but it works for Killian – check out some of his youtube videos if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

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