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We have the chance to ask National Best Selling author and trail runner Christopher McDougall, “Why are we Born To Run?” Christopher doesn’t stop with the WHY – he throws in some WHAT and HOW too. We discuss some of his “Aha” moments writing his book Born To Run. Grab some chia seeds and join us.

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  • Darn you guys! I went out intending to do a quick 30 minute run this morning. Ended up listening to over an hour of “Born To Run” on audio book… just one more chapter… you know how it goes!

    I am a book worm and read it when it first came out and am having lots of fun reliving it!

  • Chris mentions briefly in the podcast a drill, that when performed correctly before your run, can improve your running form. This is a technique developed in the 1800s by a champion runner, Walter George. Check it out and give it a try.

  • Thank you for interviewing on the topic of the science of the body and not concentrating on barefoot. Now, with that said, I do run barefoot 1 or 2 days a week as a foot strengthening exercise but don’t do it exclusively. I have purchased minimalist shoes and can honestly say that BF has helped me change the way I run and has fixed some of my common ailments. I just think it’s hilarious that going BF was seriously only mentioned when talking about BF Ted and rarely mentioned anywhere else in the book. People are fascinated by the “strange trend” of BF and can’t focus on the fact that the book isn’t even really highlighting running BF. Good work out of you guys and gal!!!!!

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