EP 684: Hayden Hawkes Embracing Gratitude, A New Approach to Running Success

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In this episode, we sit down with the accomplished ultramarathoner, Hayden Hawks. Hayden shares his remarkable journey of overcoming a knee injury in 2023 and his triumphant return to the 2024 Western States 100, where he improved his time by 83 minutes and finished third. He opens up about his challenges during his recovery, the importance of patience, and the mental lessons that transformed his mindset. Hayden discusses his shift from focusing solely on winning to embracing gratitude and enjoying the process, which has fueled his success in trail running. He also discusses his nutrition and hydration strategies to optimize performance and recovery.  Links to learn more about Hayden and his training camp:

Hawks Running
Wild Equador training camp on Oct 26-Nov 3

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Episode 684