Top Ten Things Every Trail Runner Must Know – Part 3

February 8, 2012

SoCal Coyotes Running Team’s lead dog and every runner’s coach Jimmy Dean Freeman joins us to discuss…well we may have to listen again to know exactly what we discussed! Take this podcast to the trail head and hang out with us as we chat about…stuff.

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  1. Andy Rhine says:

    Great show guys. Keep it up! Headed out to run with ice in my pants is a no no huh?

  2. Lisa Gunnoe says:

    Jimmy Dean, I have a question:

    Before the Marine Corp Marathon, I ate hours before the event and was absolutely STARVING by the time the race got started. It was aweful!
    If I eat protein in that 3 hour window before a long event would that solve the problem with the spike in blood sugar?

    Thank you for a great podcast guys!! You rock as always!

    • Jimmy Dean Freeman says:

      Hi Lisa!
      Great question. Most important thing in training and “build up races” is to try it both ways. I completely get the “STARVING” reference, as there are many runs, training and otherwise, where I am fantasizing about food / my next meal only 20-steps into it. If being THAT hungry is a problem, there are ways to help manage it. I start my race/energy foods right at the start of the race to fire things back up. I also carry peanut butter (or almond butter / hazelnut butter) packets. Those do a good job of satiating my hunger pangs, but it’s NO meal. There are psychological elements to this too.

      Read one of my favorite articles by Steve Born… the TOP 10… BIGGEST MISTAKES ENDURANCE ATHLETES MAKE… pay close attention to #10. There are scientific articles that go into more metabolic detail, after you read that I’d be happy to send more more science behind it. I geek out on this crap… πŸ˜‰

  3. Don Freeman says:

    @coachjimmydean – Lisa has a question for you above πŸ™‚


  4. Another great episode. My trails are snowed over and the skiers have taken over for now, so I’m forced to the roads until spring. Your show really helps the miles tick by while pounding the roads.

    Jimmy Dean – I never considered what eating that close to a run can do. I had a definite “Aha!” moment with that. I’m going to start experimenting with no eating in that 3 hour window. Thank you for passing that bit of info along.

    Faith – I run 3-4 nights per week just because of work and family commitments. I am very familiar with that seasick feeling a headlamp can cause. All I can say is that I got used to the motion and I work hard to keep away from a bouncy gate. The smoother I am, the less seasicky I get. My headlamp is more of a flood than a spotlight which may also help with some of the motion sickness feelings.

  5. Roger says:

    This actually was my first episode, and therefore my first Top 10! Great show! I’ve also listened to a few others and love taking you on my runs with me! I’ve started working on marathon training now and am running almost daily. Keep it up!

  6. Faith says:

    Thanks for your comments Michael! Roger, make sure to check out part 1 and 2!

  7. mtnsummit says:

    I loved this podcast and all the others you have produced. Recently joined, and on daily long work commute, I can gladly say I listen to your podcasts now instead of the radio. And listen over and over ( I have a short memory :)) With my first 50 mile trail race coming up (The Ray Miller 50 in So-Cal) you have provided the best tips I have ever heard/read. Please keep up the great work – looking forward to the next 10 best trail tips (or is that 40?)

  8. Don Freeman says:

    @mtnsummit good luck at Ray Miller 50 ! You may use one or two items from the Top Ten List(s). I am sure you will identify a few that we missed along that 50 mile course πŸ™‚ Sounds like a Part 4 is in the works :0

  9. mtnsummit says:

    Thanks Don. I do have another tip that has worked for me but I frequently forget to use. My sweat somtimes stings my eyes to an extreme. Not sure if because I had the Lasik surgery done a few years ago (before I started running). I once read and works for me – apply plain chapstick above each eyebrow – helps keep the sweat from dripping into the eyes and works for me!

  10. Daniel Crouse says:

    I just found your podcast a week ago. I took you guys along on my daily 10 miler in the Northern Kettle Moraine Forest here in Wisconsin last night. I listened to this and the top 10, part 2 podcast during the run. Excellent show! You’ve got a new fan!

    • Scott Warr says:

      Thanks Daniel!
      We love nice comments like these! We look forward to your advice that you can share with the Nation! It sounds like you have a lot of knowledge!

  11. Seth Novitsky says:

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    Have a good week

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