Compression Gear: You may look better…but can you perform better?

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[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] Johnny West is loose with information as we discuss athletic compression apparel. What are the advantages to this gear? Come to think of it, all of the Superheros have worn compression gear…

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    • I think you have a nice point Brian. I don’t know if you will see Anton running in compression gear during the summer months. I am seriously trying to go more minimalist – at least in my shoe choice – not because I necessarily want to be primal, but to develop good running form that can help me run stronger, longer. I am new to the compression gear over the last couple months and my initial impression is that it doesn’t hinder performance, like an orthodox can; rather, I have found it helps my performance. I love the calf guards AND the recovery socks (I think they really do help soreness recovery). I also was skeptical about the shirt, but have found it does make me stand up straighter – especially on the uphills.

  • One can get medical compression socks, toeless or footed, knee high or thigh high, white, black or beige, in a variety of sizes and compression levels for 20-40 dollars at drug stores. Cheaper than those sold to athletes and these things are seriously tough. I’ve used some toeless knee-highs for recovery for some time and they are comforting and very tight. It’s a low cost option to try compression socks before dropping 60 – 100 bucks on them.

    I won’t run in them. Of the same mind as Brian on that. Gear, extras, tricks, it’s all too much, I don’t even want to wear a watch, I just wanna run. I’m not trying to win any races either. “You may look better…but can you perform better?” I’d rather look better, thanks.

  • I was really interested to learn that the compression gear can be beneficial for a runner even though they aren’t superultraheroes (yet). 🙂 I think the calf sleeves and recovery socks could be very helpful for the shin splints that have stuck with me from the time I first started exercising. Thanks for this podcast topic, I didn’t know was I was interested in hearing about it until I did.

  • Great stuff! I ordered the recovery compression socks and I am wearing them now! and the calf guards, which I plan to wear on my next trail run! Thanks Trail Runner Nation for the hookup and the great podcast!

  • So 2XU calf guards help to reduce my muscles from tearing, right? Don’t I want my muscles to tear to be able to get stronger, isn’t that was training is all about? *Excuse my ignorance. In theory, I can see its value during a race, and during recovery. Should I not wear them during training and just for recovery? *I do see the value of increased blood flow too.

    I bought 2XU calf guards about a year ago and wear them quite regularly. Now my general statement is, “I don’t know if they work, but they keep my legs warm.” (winter) and “I don’t know if they work, but they keep brush of my legs” (summer). I always joke that I ran with only one to see if I notice a difference, but in reality I cannot tell if they improve my performance. I do like wearing them though, so there must be something to it. There are just too many variables involved with running to point it to compression.

    What do you guys think?

    May We Always Be Crazy!!!

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