The 9 and 1/2 Trail Running Commandments

featured image March 18, 2012

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Scott, Faith and Don take on blogger Will Cooper’s Nine and a Half Ways To Keep Running Real. He lists his top suggestions that every trail runner should follow. We turn each one inside out as we talk through them. Thank you Will Cooper!

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7 Responses

  1. Andy Rhine says:

    This one was fun 🙂

    I listen to a lot of podcast lately, not as much music. Will have to look for that music thread.

  2. Lisa Gunnoe says:

    I keep hearing about this taking time off thing, totally off…. I’m scared!!!

    Okay, I over raced last year and could feel it by December, so I can see the wisdom in a bit of time off.
    I’m paid up in the following races:

    April 21st, Ouachita 50, Little Rock AR (can either do 50K or 50 miler depending on how the day goes)
    July 6, Midnight Madness 50 miler, Tulsa OK
    Aug 11, El Vaquero Loco 50K, Star Valley, WY
    Dec 21 & 22, The End of the World & The Day After The End of the World Marathons, Humbolt TX

    When do I take the down time? Right now I can do the build up, back off, build up, back off thing.

    What do you all say?

    Happy running!

  3. Derek Heersink says:

    I don’t listen to music while I am running the trails. I love hearing my feet on the ground and getting my mind lost in the natural beauty. I am not afraid of missing out on hearing predators, even though I run in Colorado and have seen my far share of rattlesnacks, but I am more afraid of not hearing the people around me. I have encountered many runners on the trail that have their music so load, yelling at them to let me by won’t even work, so I scare them when I find a way to get past them on a trail mildly wider than single track. So if you need to listen to music, please be sure to be able to hear other people on the path!

    Run on Runners! Summer is around the corner and spring is in the air!

    • Daniel Gamble says:

      Agreed Derek, if I find that I need to use my running time to catch up on audio information or entertainment, I ALWAYS hang one of my earbuds on my ear by the cord…I get about 20% of the noise, and 80% of the surrounding (from that ear!)

  4. David Rowe says:

    2 rules grabbed my attention – time off ! ….. I agree with having a long break from running, which for me is one month. Each January I put the shoes away and relax , do a bit of swimming ( Summer down here) or MTB………

    ……….. the other : Walk …. for me this is a big “step” to take, as I havent run any trail races yet and still see myself as a marathoner shifting across – so to me the move to actually walk on a training run is really freaky …… having never done this by choice before…………

    ….. I am hoping to do my first trail ( still just a maybe) of 50k later in the year, so the walk phase will be one I need to get used to….

    cheers and thanks

    (melbourne australia)

  5. Luke Ullett says:

    I wanted to add a bit of cross training so I started to play some soccer, thinking the sprinting would be useful. The lateral movement put me in worse shape than running an ultra. After a few weeks though I am guessing it is helping to strengthen.

    No music, enough noise in my head during life when I’m not peaceful running in nature.

    See ya out there

  6. Glen Snider says:

    #2. Cycle your training.

    The P90X workout is mentioned as it relates to mixing things up, the muscle confusion.

    I have been through P90X several times and I like the variety. There is good variety on a macro level over the course of the 90 day workout and there is good variety on a micro level within each individual workout.

    I am conducting an “experiment of one”, as George Sheehan would say, and training for the Bolder Boulder 10K by doing P90X2 and INSANITY: The Asylum. Those two workout sequels are specifically designed for sports performance, not just for fitness. I am doing one quality run (intervals for speed) once a week and maybe a second run (tempo), but that is all the running training I’m doing.

    If you are interested, I am blogging about how that training is going. You can follow my “experiment of one” at


    P.S. …and I really enjoy my recovery week! 3 weeks “on” and 1 week “active recovery”.

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