Adam Bradley (aka Krudmeister) – Mexico to Canada in 65 days

featured image March 26, 2012

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What was your longest back-to-back training run? How about a 40+ mile back-to-back-to-back. Repeated for 65 days. With no support! We talk to a record-holding fastpacker and trail runner to uncover how to take ultra-running to the extreme and see what other things we can learn from him.

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Patagonia interview with Adam:
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5 Responses

  1. Lisa Gunnoe says:

    Another great podcast and timely too! I’m going on my very first backpacking trip this next weekend.
    My husband doesn’t get my ultra running and I don’t get strapping 30# on ones back and hiking for days on end… but I’m about to try it.
    This podcast gives this first timer (knowledge geek) a great place to start to get ready.

  2. Lisa Gunnoe says:

    Question. How do you pack light for fastpacking and keep clean (underclothing). My husband and I are trying to figure this out for his summer adventure.

  3. Jamil says:

    FYI, it’s “Adam Bradley” not Adam Brantley

  4. Krud says:

    Great question Lisa! Here is what I do. I use a bucket like this one:

    I use the good side of the bucket for carrying water to camp or filtering water out of. I then turn the bucket inside out and use it to sponge bathe out of, pour over my head for a shower/ to cool off. I also use the bucket turned inside out to do laundry in. So if you have a little container of liquid laundry detergent you can pour it in the bucket ( a little goes a long way) and do hand laundry by squeezing your garments with your hands. I do my socks like this daily. It has helped cut down on the foot funk dramatically. I can do my clothes this way too. I then dump the used soapy water up in he woods way away from the water source. I feel ok doing this as I am using literally drops of detergent and it is definitely better than dumping it in the water source. Then I go back down and fill the bucket up with clear water and rinse the clothes/ socks. Again dump the water up in the woods well away from your water source. It is amazing how clean you can stay using this system. Many people remark on the fact that I don’t smell like other hikers do. I take staying clean seriously, even shaving in the backcountry regularly and bathing too. Hope that helps!

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