Adam Bradley (aka Krudmeister) – Mexico to Canada in 65 days

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[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] What was your longest back-to-back training run? How about a 40+ mile back-to-back-to-back. Repeated for 65 days. With no support! We talk to a record-holding fastpacker and trail runner to uncover how to take ultra-running to the extreme and see what other things we can learn from him.

Adam’s Blog:
Fastest Known Times:
Patagonia interview with Adam:
YouTube video:

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  • Another great podcast and timely too! I’m going on my very first backpacking trip this next weekend.
    My husband doesn’t get my ultra running and I don’t get strapping 30# on ones back and hiking for days on end… but I’m about to try it.
    This podcast gives this first timer (knowledge geek) a great place to start to get ready.

  • Question. How do you pack light for fastpacking and keep clean (underclothing). My husband and I are trying to figure this out for his summer adventure.

    • Sorry Peter. I am not sure where the file has gone and we don’t have a backup. I will continue to look and update if I find it.

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