Salomon XA WS Softshell Jacket Review

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The Salomon XA WS Shoftshell Jacket ($190) may be the perfect cold weather jacket. Let’s take a peek.



I like the athletic fit. The Windstopper material is in red. The nylon or non-Windstopper material is in grey. Let’s examine the photos below.

Notice the Brim and Forehead Gasket
Way to Roll-up the Hood
Stability Print on Shoulders - Prevents Pack from Moving Around
Thumb Loop
Front Zipper and Chest Pocket Zipper
Chest Pocket View
Bottom Draw-chords



The Salomon XA WS Softshell functions well blocking wind and light rain.  The “grey” areas of the jacket allow movement and breathability.  The “red” areas are the Windstopper Softshell.  The jacket provides plenty of protection from wind and light rain.  I was unable to test the jacket in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit or in extremely windy/cold conditions.  Some reviews I read state that the back of the jacket should contain Windstopper protection. In the milder climates of Northern California, I find the jacket to provide sufficient protection from elements during the winter.

I like the thumb loop design. On the colder morning runs, the thumb loops are sufficient for hand protection and warmth by keeping thumbs inside the jacket and holding the ends of the cuff.

The “Stability Print” on the shoulders grip hydration packs keeping it stable on the body while running. No shoulder strap slipping is noticeable.

The Salomon XA WS Softshell is a great functional jacket in winter, and even looks great on errands around town.



  • Material (Front) – Windstopper – Polyester (i.e., the “red” areas)
  • Material (Back) – Nylon/Elastane (i.e., the “grey” areas)
  • Zip – Full
  • Elastic Cuffs (Thumb Loop)
  • Hood – Yes
  • Number of Pockets – 2 (Chest pocket contains a smaller pocket)
  • Water Resistant – Yes
  • Wind Resistant – Yes
  • Packable – No
  • Made In – Indonesia
Weight Breakdown



The Salomon XA WS Softshell works well in cold, windy and light rain conditions. Salomon put thought into designing this jacket, such as the “Stability Print” on the shoulders, Windstopper Softshell, thumb loops, and brimmed-hood. The XA WS Softshell is one of my favorite jackets on the trail, as well as, off the trail.

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  • Just used x-a soft shell in 20 km x-c ski race. wind stopper all around would make it a rain coat unsuitable for forward moving lung busting outdoor activity. Use waterproof breathable for slower moving cold and wet situations or alpine skiing. This jacket kept the biting Canadian mid winter chill off my chest while venting out the back. Otherwise it would be a bag of water. After the race I was almost dry inside. Back panels were a little damp as they were supposed to be, but not overly so because moisture was being dumped out the back at a pretty impressive rate.

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