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We have several podcasts regarding running efficiency.  For those looking to transition to a better running form, a “transitional shoe” may be an option.  I have asked Newton Running to provide such a shoe. I will be reviewing the Newton Gravitas = Gravity ($175).

Yes, the Gravitas is a neutral trainer for the road.  Newton Running does make a trail shoe version (Terra Momentus). I will be testing the Gravitas on non-technical trails and road. The review is to determine if a transition shoe would be helpful in assisting in a better running form.

Newton Running recommends the 10 Laws of Newton Running.

  1. GET A PROPER FIT. Standing with your heels pulled to the back of your Newtons, you should have a thumb’s width in front of your longest toe. The ball of your foot should line up over the middle of the red actuator lugs.
  2. INSERT ORTHOTICS IF NEEDED. Newtons are not a substitute for custom orthotics. Remove the sockliner to accommodate your custom footbeds for the ultimate ride.
  3. PRACTICE GOOD FORM. Relax, lean slightly forward and shorten your stride. Your foot will naturally land on your midfoot at a point under your hips. Keep a high cadence and your stride length short. (Do not run on your toes.)
  4. LAND-LEVER-LIFT. Good running technique is as simple as Land-Lever-Lift: Land quietly in an athletic position with each footstrike under your hips, allowing your heels to settle to the ground; Lever off the front of the lugs; Lift your knees (do not push off or pull back with the toes) to begin a new stride.
  5. ADAPT SLOWLY. To adapt to Newton’s Action/Reaction Technology™, start with short, slow runs (about a mile or so) a couple times a week for the first two weeks. Focus on good form and gradually increase your time and distance as your body feels ready. As with any sport, too much too fast can cause injury.
  6. REDUCE FRICTION. Landing heavy, braking on your heels, bounding on your forefoot and pushing off too hard with the toes all create friction. Excessive pounding creates more shock to your muscles, tendons, and bones. Land lightly and run smoothly and efficiently.
  7. LEARN FROM YOUR SHOES. Newtons wear like tires. The shoes act like a coach. By studying the friction wear patterns, you can learn how to adjust and improve your running form.
  8. KEEP THEM CLEAN. Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. Do not place in direct sunlight.
  9. STAY EDUCATED. Follow our website to keep updated on information, videos, tips and customer service. Share your stories and experiences on our blog.
  10. HAVE FUN!



The Gravitas comes in slightly over 9 oz. It fits true to size. The toe box has plenty of room and is flexible. You will notice the LAND-LEVER-LIFT in the forefoot. You will also notice the “swiss cheese” upper. This provides a breathable and drainable shoe while minimizing weight.

How does the Newton shoe work?

Newton Running states the Action/Reaction Technology is “…When using the ultra-efficient Land-Lever-Lift natural running gait of a midfoot or forefoot strike, the technology absorbs and then returns energy back to you. It’s a revolutionary way of building a running shoe based on Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion: ‘For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION.'”

Let’s examine the Gravitas below.



The first test was on non-technical trails on a short 12 mile run (yes, I broke Newton Running law #5). The focus was on “good running form”.  You may want to review Dr. Mark’s running video.  I do feel the LAND-LEVER-LIFT built into the forefoot. It was noticeable when focusing on a more efficient stride, but not uncomfortable. The forefoot cushioning is more noticeable on the roads. It even helps to recite, “Posture-Core-Hip” (PCH), that is, the “Essential Features of Natural Running” – (1) Run tall with a proper posture; (2) Inner core must be stable; and (3) Adequate hip mobility.  I ran in the Gravitas on road runs ranging from easy, tempo and progression pacing, while also adding in running on shorter non-technical trails.  I believe it does assist me in becoming a run better. The shoes held-up on both terrains. However, I would not recommend using the Gravitas as a trail shoe on a long term basis. It is not designed to handle the rigors of trail running.

From a breathability feature, the Gravitas is very breathable/drainable.  In the wettest of downpours, the shoe did not retain much water. In the “lab”, the evaporation test results were “Great”.



  • Toe Measurement (at the lugs)- 28 mm
  • Heal Measurement – 31 mm
  • Drop – 3 mm
  • Non-gusseted tongue
  • Neutral Shoe
  • No Rock Plate (Road Shoe)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper – Mesh Synthetic
  • Made In – China
Weight Breakdown



The Newton Gravitas=Gravity shoe is a lightweight, flexible, neutral shoe for runners looking to “transition” to a shoe that assists them in developing a better running form. The goal is to continue transitioning to a minimalist-type shoe. As a “transition” shoe, I enjoy running in the Gravitas, because it makes me think about my running form. The features I like about the Gravitas:

  • Lightweight
  • Very Breathable
  • LAND-LEVER-LIFT (Forefoot Lugs)
  • Plenty of room for the toes
  • Flexible

If you can get past the sticker shock ($175), this can be the shoe to transition you into a better runner.


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  • Nice review, James. I’m still trying to figure out the significance of the “LAND-LEVER-LIFT” lugs. Could you explain that a little bit? Why do they have them? You say you notice them, but do you get used to them or are they always there reminding you?

    • Newton explains it much better than I can –

      Basically, you “LAND” on your midfoot (assuming all other good running form is in place-Posture-Core-Hip); then as you “LEVER” the membrane supporting the lugs stores energy from your impact; and the “LIFT” as the lugs will “spring out” to assist in forward motion. Wearing the Gravitas helped in reminding me of a good running form, as well as, the nice cushioning they provided in the forefoot.

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