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SOLE’s performance socks comes in two categories- (1) light weight sport and (2) dual layer.  I will be reviewing socks from both of these categories.


SOLE makes each pair of socks specific for the right and left foot for the best fit.

Lightweight Sport

These socks are made of a Tactel/Lycra blend with “seamless” toes (i.e., hand-linked to seems). It’s soft and appears durable. See pictures below.

SOLE Lightweight Sport No Show Length


Sole Lightweight Sport Crew Length


These socks are made of Tactel/Coolmax/Lycra blend with “seamless” toes. Because of the Dual Layer, these performance socks advertise that they prevent blistering.

SOLE Dual Layer Ankle Length


SOLE Dual Layer Crew Length


I have tested both categories of SOLE performance socks in cold, warm, wet and muddy conditions. The Lightweight Sports socks performed well in all conditions. They felt dry when wet and felt very comfortable in all conditions.  The Dual Layer socks felt like a “cushioned” sock (most likely due to the dual layers).  The Dual Layer sock (crew length) did not seem to “dry” well when wet. This could be due to the excess material in the crew length. However, I did not get any blisters. I did notice on the Dual Layer socks that the material easily gets snagged on brush, stickers, and branches near the trail.

I decided to test the evaporation rate of the socks in my “lab” (i.e., at home). I soaked each sock (lightweight and dual layer) in water for 5 minutes and let them “drain” for 1 hour and 30 minutes at room temperature (i.e., out of the water and suspended). I then weighed each sock. After the inital weigh-in, I let the socks dry for another 2 hours at room temperature. After the 2 hours, I weighed the socks again. Knowing the weight, time, and density of water at room temperature, I calculated an “evaporation rate”. However, the numbers would not mean much to most reviewers so I devised a “scale” and rating.

Listed below are the following results:
  • Lightweight Sport – No-Shoe Length = Good
  • Lightweight Sport – Crew Length = Good
  • Dual Layer – Ankle Length = Great
  • **Dual Layer – Crew Length = Poor
**I believe the Dual Layer Crew Length results was due to excess material.


 Lightweight Sport

  • Tactel & Lycra Blend
  • TensorFit™ Arch Band
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Hand-Linked Toe Seam
Dual Layer
  • Dual Layer (Blister Protection)
  • Tactel, Coolmax & Lycra Blend
  • TensorFit™ Arch Band
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Hand-Linked Toe Seam

Weight Breakdown

Sizing Chart


The two categories of SOLE’s performance socks worked well in most trail running conditions. The Lightweight Sport socks performed well. The Dual Layer no-show length socks performed well. The Dual Layer crew length appeared to retain water when wet. This could have been due to the extra material in the crew length. However, I did not get any blisters. Additionally, the Dual Layer socks appeared to easily get snagged on objects sticking out on the trails. This did not hinder the performance of the socks, but was a noticeable observation.


What’s your go-to pair of socks, or no socks at all?

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