Helly Hansen Pace HTXP Trail Shoe Review

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The Helly Hansen Pace Trail HTXP ($100) trail shoe is a stability shoe with water resistant protection. Let’s take a look at the Pace Trail.


The Helly Hansen Pace Trail HTXP is a heavy shoe weighing in at 13.45 oz.  It definitely is a stability shoe. You will be well protected in this shoe. It has the Helly Tech XP (HTXP) water resistant upper. There is no rock plate. However, with the Helly Wear Protection (i.e., high abrasion synthetic material on the outsole), you won’t need one.


Gusseted Tongue
Water Resistant Upper - HTXP
Aggressive Outsole



The Helly Hansen Pace HTXP is a very supportive ride.  It is an extremely stable shoe and built like a tank.  Although technically there is no rock plate, the “Helly Wear Protection” (i.e., outsole) is more than sufficient to ensure that you will be protected from any sharp objects.  The shoe weathered very well in wet conditions due to the water resistant upper, as long as, the shoe was not submerged in water.  When the shoe was submerged in water, it did not drain well (due to the water resistant upper). In the “lab”, the evaporation rate results were surprisingly “Good”.  Some comments were made regarding the shoe being “smelly” after getting wet. I have not observed this in my testing. Overall, the shoe is a supportive stable ride with water resistant protection.



  • Toe Measurement – 18 mm
  • Heel Measurement – 30 mm
  • Drop – 12 mm
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Water Resistant Upper
  • Stability Shoe
  • No Rock Plate (But Very Protective)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper – Synthetic (with Water Resistant Material – HTXP)
  • Made In – Vietnam
Weight Breakdown


The Helly Hansen Pace HTXP is a very supportive and stable shoe. The runner looking for a well built shoe which feels more like a hiking shoe will enjoy the Pace HTXP.  The water resistant upper is a plus for those wanting this type of protection, but should not be submerged in water due to obvious reasons. The Pace was too heavy and supportive for my taste, but others may find the supportive, stable, and water resistant upper useful. A second alternative shoe with a breathable upper would be a nice option for those not looking for the water resistant protection.


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