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The Swiftwick ASPIRE sock line is a very thin and lightweight sock for minimalist running shoes or anyone looking for a very lightweight and breathable sock. I will be reviewing the following:



Swiftwick ASPIRE performance socks provide a lightweight breathable “managed” compression. The olefin material used retains less than 0.01% of its weight in moisture. Swiftwick also states that the olefin material resists deterioration from detergents and perspiration.

ASPIRE ONE Sock Length
ASPIRE TWO Sock Length



These socks are very lightweight and durable. They almost feel like a sock liner. Each sock length works very well in wet conditions. They felt like they absorbed minimal amounts of water after a stream crossing. They felt “dry” after several steps once being submerged in water, including the FOUR (4 inch) and TWELVE (12 inch/above the calf) socks. I enjoyed trying to abuse these socks, but could not find any weakness. I wanted to try all the various lengths. I was concerned about the short length – ZERO (similar to no show) and ONE (1 inch), that is, (generally) the loss of elasticity after a few wears makes the socks come off or slip down easily when running and especially when taking your shoes off. I did not experience this with the Swiftwick ASPIRE socks.  They worked perfectly and are still working great. Lastly,  I want to comment on the TWELVE socks (above-the-calf), based on my extensive experience with compression socks, I felt well-supported on long trail runs despite the fact that no grade of compression is listed.

Off the trail, I put these sock through some abuse – washing in hot water, high agitation cycle in the washer, and high heat in the dryer, pulling and stretching, but they seem to take the abuse well. Please note, Swiftwick suggests washing in cold water and tumble dry on low. I normally would not put forth extra “abuse” on socks, but wanted to test Swiftwick’s claim of the durability in their socks (going beyond their suggested care instructions).  The result – they worked just as well from when I first received them.  (NOTE: I do not recommend this “abuse” on a consistent basis, but again, I wanted to test the durability claim.)

Listed below are the following results from the evaporation testing:

  • ASPIRE ZERO = Good
  • ASPIRE ONE = Good
  • ASPIRE TWO = Great
  • ASPIRE FOUR = Great



I liked their graphic description versus my write-up summary. See below. All Swiftwick socks are Made in the USA.


Weight Breakdown



The Swiftwick ASPIRE performance socks held up to their claims as being a lightweight, breathable, and durable sock. I put the durability claim to the test. These socks kept their elasticity and passed the abuse and testing from me. I find these to be one of my favorite sock brands/product lines.

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  • Quick question: I owned a pair of Zeros and they’re great. Buy I like a sock that’s just a little longer inches cuff to keep dust, dirt and little rocks from getting into the sock. Does the One seal up the sock or should I jump to the Two?

    • Hi Michael,

      The ONE still has slight gapping near the Achilles (very slight, but noticeable) that could cause some debris to enter (especially when growing through streams/mud). The TWO will work very nicely. The FOURS are too long, but can fold down to create a little more cushioning around the ankles (for those who accidently kick their ankles when running). I hope this helps.


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