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The Vasque Mindbender ($110) shoe is advertised as – “A light, rock solid shoe that will take you miles and miles.”  It was originally launched in the Spring of 2010. Since that time, there have been few reviews on this shoe (which was surprising to discover).


Great overall look and feel on the foot.  I found the toe box to be normal (not quite like the Velocity 2.0). I immediately liked the overall fit, stability, and comfort.  It’s not a light shoe (coming in at around 12.85 oz), but it did “feel” light on the feet. It has a 13 mm drop. Let’s examine the shoe in the pictures below.

Perpetuum Last - lower heel volume, broader toe box, and generally straight orientation from heel to toe
View from inside the shoe - Very breathable upper



I enjoyed testing the Mindbender. It is a stability shoe. When you think about a stability shoe, you envision that it is heavy and stiff. I did not experience this with the Mindbender. It felt great on runs ranging from 20 to 30+ miles.

It worked well in cold (not snow), warm, wet, and muddy conditions. With the Blur outsole, it gripped the mud without any issues. It drained very well when wet on the trail.  In the “lab” (evaporation test), the Mindbender tested as a “Great” rating. The upper material is highly breathable.




  • Forefoot Measurement – 20 mm
  • Heal Measurement – 33 mm
  • Drop – 13 mm
  • Non-gusseted tongue
  • Stability Shoe
  • Perpettum Last
  • Rock Plate (Forefoot)
  • Midsole – Dual Density EVA
  • Upper – Nylon/Synthetic
  • Made In – China
Weight Breakdown



The Vasque Mindbender has not been significantly updated since its 2010 release. The runner who is looking for a stable yet responsive shoe will like the Mindbender. The runner with flatter feet may find the Mindbender worth a try with their Perpetuum last (although not a requirement – I have normal arches). I would use the Mindbender as an everyday trainer and in all race distances. The only recommendation would be to make it lighter (10 oz range) maybe by thinning the midsole and having 10 mm drop (or less). The Mindbender wants to be a racing shoe with the support of an everyday trainer.

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  • these are my long distance runners. my first pair has a touch over 700miles on them and i’ve begun breaking in my second pair and i even have a fresh 3rd pair in the closet. these will be my 50k, 50 mile and lt100 mile shoe this summer. good protection and traction.

  • I think the drop is 10 mm, that is what I read pretty much everywhere……, I’m on my fifth pair, so I guess I like it 🙂

    • Hi Eddy, I verified the data with the Vasque shoe designers – due to multiple misleading information on the web. They stated that it is a 13mm drop and has not changed since the orginial release. Either way, I guess you like them.

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