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DARN TOUGH Vermont socks are known to be “tough” with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. I will be reviewing the following from DARN TOUGH Run/Bike product line:


These socks are quality constructed socks. The cushioned socks are well padded and adds warmth. The mesh socks are lightweight and breathable.  DARN TOUGH makes a great combination of socks.

1/4 Sock Cushion in Coolmax
No Show Cushion in Coolmax
1/4 Sock Mesh Ultra light Non-cushion in Merino Wool
No Show Mesh Ultra light Non-cushion in Merino Wool


I tested the DARN TOUGH socks a little longer than the other socks I am reviewing. The real test is truly continuous use for over a 6 month period. The socks were tested in dry and wet conditions and at all distances. For this review, I did follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.


Cushion in Coolmax

The cushioning is noticeably thicker in the Cushion product line. There is a flat toe seam. However, it barely is discerned when touching it. It definitely is a warmer sock to keep those toes nice and warm, but wicks moisture when needed.  The elastic around the ankles are well constructed in the no show and the quarter length. With the generous cut of the Cushion sock, there was a bit of bunching at the toes with the Medium sock size.  When wet, the socks felt like they retained water (due to the increase in material). However, in the “lab”, the evaporation testing results were “Great”. The Coolmax fabric does its job.


Mesh Ultra light Non-cushion in Merino Wool 

These socks are lightweight and very breathable. There is open meshing on top of the foot with reinforced heel and toe areas. With a 68% Merino wool blend, it has all the great properties of Merino wool (breathable, warmth to weight ratio, odor control, etc.). These socks are “seamless”, that is, due to the knitting process, the toe seam is undetectable. They felt great in wet and dry conditions. The mesh ultra light socks held their elasticity around the ankles in both lengths.  They are one of my favorite socks on the trails.  When wet, the socks drained well. In the “lab”, the evaporation testing results were “Great”.



Cushion in Coolmax
  • Cushion – Dense terry loops on the bottom of the foot (adds cushioning and warmth without bulk)
  • Material – Polyester(Coolmax)/Lycra/Nylon
  • Length – No Show or 1/4
  • Made In – USA (Vermont)
Mesh Ultra light Non-cushion in Merino Wool
  • Mesh – open knit mesh (lightweight and breathable)
  • Material – Merino Wool/Nylon/Lycra
  • Length – No Show or 1/4
  • Seamless Toe
  • Made In – USA (Vermont)
Sock Care
Machine was in warm water on gentle cycle with socks turned in-side out. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low. Do not dry clean.


Weight Breakdown


Sizing Chart



Cushion in Coolmax
Durable, warm, and cushioned sock in Coolmax material.  Great for when you need a little added cushioning and warmth.  For the smaller foot size runner, there could be a bit of bunching near the toe area with the generous cut of these socks.


Mesh Ultra light Non-cushion in Merino Wool 

Durable, lightweight, breathable sock in a Merino wool blend material. Runners looking for the benefits of wool will love these socks. These are one of my favorite socks.

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