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The VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho Trail ($90) is a breathable barefoot-style minimalist trail shoe. Lets take a look at the Breatho Trail.



The Breatho comes in slightly lighter than the Neo Trail at 9.25 oz versus 9.75 oz. The shoe has plenty of room in the toebox. I would recommend a half size smaller because of the larger toebox compared to the Neo Trail. I believe this is due to the upper meshing material on the Breatho which allows more space for the foot.

The Breatho has some great features such as:

  • Very breathable upper
  • Flexible
  • Lock-lacing system
  • Great traction with its directional lugs
  • Toe guard protection

Gusseted Tongue


Very Flexible
Long Laces (Could Trim Down a Bit)



When testing the Breatho Trail, I chose to leave the insole and wear socks. You can remove the insole and wear the Breatho without any socks.  Most of the testing was on non-technical section of trail.  However, I did venture a bit and tackle some technical sections. My feet got a workout, but was sufficiently protected. Like the Neo, the Breatho performed very well in muddy conditions. Unlike the Neo, the Breatho had no problems draining water after stream crossings. The upper is very breathable. In the “lab”, the evaporation test results were “Good”.

The Breatho works well on other surfaces – road and grass.  They are an excellent addition for any runner who is looking for a barefoot-style shoe that includes ample protection, great traction, and a breathable upper.



  • Drop – 0 mm
  • Stack Height – 7 mm (include insole = 10mm)
  • 2.5 mm Sole
  • 4.5 mm Luggs
  • 3 mm insole
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Barefoot Style
  • No Rock Plate
  • Ultra thin puncture resistant sole
  • Upper – Synthetic (Very Breathable)
  • Made In – China

 Weight Breakdown



VIVOBAREFOOT has listened to trail runner comments to develop a breathable version of the Neo Trail. The Breatho Trail is priced just right for runners looking to get into a barefoot-style shoe that has great protection, traction, flexibility, and breathability. There is plenty of room in the toebox for splaying when running. The Breatho could be an ounce or two lighter. VIVOBAREFOOT has added a great new shoe to its trail running line.

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  • James, how was the traction when wet? Were you able to grip the rocks well? I’ve just started running in the Merrell Trail Gloves and love them, except for traction when wet and the protection is a bit thin for the more technical trails.

    • hey mitch, i had no issues with traction. the protection is sufficient. you can leave the insole in the shoe for more protection.

  • I love the Breatho Trails. I think Vivobarefoot has nailed the balance between ground feel and protection. My only gripe is the lugs are too sharp edged. Many have completely torn off after only a few runs.

  • These are on my list to buy, I’m just starting to do trails with my Vizsla. Only question I have about these shoes is how do you clean them being that the trails that I’m going at the moment has a lot of powder dirt. The dirt is fine and I believe will get into the shoe though the mesh.

    • Hi Omar, I normally don’t clean my trail shoes, unless I run in really muddy conditions. Under these conditions, I generally hose them off outside, and let them air-dry. As for “dusty” days during the summer months when the trails have the fine dirt/dust, after my run, I just take off my shoes and slap them together to remove any excess dirt/dust. I hope this helps.

  • James, question. I’m running in New Balance mt101’s for my trail stuff and VFF Bikila’s whenever I’m on a road or treadmill. My biggest complaint with my NB are after a really rocky technical part my feet are toast. I’m fairly certain one of my big toes is broken actually. So I’m trying to find something zero or close drop that will have some kind of rock plate and some protection for my abused toes. From the review, I’m guess the VIVO’s would not be your recommendation? Have you heard of or tried anything that may be similar?

    I’ve got a pair of the Merrel Trail Gloves, before they came out with the wide version, and they had this weird pinch right at the base of my big toes. Though I do wear the Tough Glove daily as my dressy shoes. My wife tried to kill me for wearing VFF’s to church. She didn’t agree that because they’re leather they’re dressy.

    Any thoughts?

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