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Wool in warm weather?  Yes!  Let’s review the Icebreaker Run SS Quest Zip Top ($90) and the Run Ultralite Mini Socks ($19).

NEW! See the section in the Gear Review entitled “Knowledge Base”. For a slightly in-depth discussion regarding the benefits of Merino Wool, please checkout “Merino Wool 101“. I will be adding other items in this section throughout the year.



Shortsleeve Quest Zip Top


Very soft on the skin. I love the neck coverage and the zip up. It looks great as a casual. The top is best in cool and warm conditions.

Back Panel - Eyelet Panel to Increase Venting
Underarm/Side Panel - Eyelet Panel to Increase Venting
Large Back Zip Pocket with MP3 Cord Loophole


Ultralite Mini Socks

Thin and light on the feet. These socks have an asymmetrical toe box for a contoured fit for each foot. They are ideal for cool, cold, and warm weather.



Shortsleeve Quest Zip Top

I decided to but the “no stink” claim to the test. I did not wash the top for 10 days while using it for every workout. The result…it was a little crusty in some places, but the top did not stink. I wore the top on cool morning (30 degrees Fahrenheit) and warm  afternoon (90 degrees Fahrenheit) runs. Besides the top feeling a little heavier than my tech tops, it worked very well in both conditions. The best thing about the Quest Top is that after my cool morning runs, I did not need to change into a dry top. The quick drying and warmth of the wool kept me at the right temperature.

I tested the rear pocket by putting a music player in it while running. The top is too elastic to hold anything heavy in the rear pocket, that is, it bounced around. I only used the pocket to carry light items – identification, credit cards, or electrolyte pills.

Ultralite Mini Socks

The Ultralite Mini socks felt great out of the packaging. I also applied the 10 day “no stink” test on the socks. Besides the socks being very dirty (from the dirt on the trails), they did not stink. They are very breathable. In the “lab”, the evaporation test results were “Great”. These are one of my favorite Merino Wool socks.


Shortsleeve Quest Zip Top

  • Material – Merino Wool (with Lycra)
  • Fit – Semi-Fitted
  • Number of Pockets – 1
  • Made In – China

Ultralite Mini Socks

  • No Cushion
  • Material – Merino Wool/Nylon/Elastane
  • Length – Mini
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Made In – USA

Weight Breakdown



Shortsleeve Quest Zip Top

Very comfortable top for cool and warm conditions. Highly breathable, quick drying, and especially – No Stink. I love this top for running, any outdoor activity, and as a casual.

Ultralite Mini Socks

Very light, breathable, quick drying and no stink. These are one of my favorite socks.


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  • I agree with every claim above. I own 3 different garments and 2 pairs of socks. It does what they say it does, however that being said the stink in Icebreaker is in the durability. I have been extremely unimpressed in this area. I sent one piece back to Icebreaker and they replaced it no questions asked!!! But not long after it too, began to show signs of wear. I’m not hard on my gear, I only use it for it’s intended purposes, and I follow all laundry instructions from the manufacturer. On all three of my garments I started getting holes after less than a dozen uses. The caveat: socks are great, no issues!

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