Fuel Belt: The Slice handheld 18 oz. bottle

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This is the first handheld bottle system that I have ever tried from Fuel Belt.

It retails for $14.95, but can be found for around $10 on the internet.  My first impressions were that the bottle feels “weird” in my hand.  Albeit because I have been conditioned to the comfort bottles that I have been using since I began running years ago.














I noticed that in order to squeeze the bottle, I had to re-position my hand in the holder to do so easily.





The Neoprene holder, on the other hand (no pun intended) is very comfortable and keeps liquids colder than other holders I have used.






I also liked the large pocket.  I was able to easily store 3 gel packs in the pocket.










The other downside, in my opinion is the small opening on the bottle.  Its1-1/8” opening makes it hard to add ice or clean the bottle easily.









  • BPE Free
  • Neoprene holder keeps liquids cool
  • Large pocket can store 3 gel packs


  • Bottle is an awkward shape that makes squeezing inconvenient
  • Small opening makes cleaning, adding ice, or scooping in powder difficult


Recommendations:  I am thinking of using the holder with a regular 22 oz round bottle

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