Runners: Raw and Uncut #1

featured image May 24, 2012

[tab title=”Description” ]What happens when you leave 3 runners in a room with a few mics. Scott sings his version O’ Canada, Don finds his memory is failing faster than his leg turnover and Faith…well as usual, she comes across pretty good 🙂

Closing Song:

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3 Responses

  1. Lisa Gunnoe says:


    So, I’m listening to this podcast, have it turned up on my iPod, vacuum going so it is extra loud.
    ……… your golf swing sound effect just about gave me a heart attack!
    Hee hee hee!

  2. Michael Smith says:

    Loved it. I especially enjoyed the discussion regarding balancing life and running. How can I be a good husband, dad, employee and still get my running done? I’m still working that out. I hope “Raw & Uncut” will be a recurring series.

    • Don Freeman says:

      OK Michael you will see more “Raw and Uncuts” in near future ! As you can tell the preparation is exhausting 🙂

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