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[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] Frank Lieberman is living proof that It Has Nothing To Do With Age. At 60 he decided to ride Tevis Cup, a 100 mile horse race through the rugged Sierra Mountains. At 62 he ditches the horse and puts on a pair of running shoes and makes the same trip. At 68 he took 1st place at the Swanton Pacific 100 mile Ride and Tie event. He shares with us that Father Time lives in our mind and not in our heart.

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  • I enjoyed this podcast very much. I started running two years ago at the age of 42 and I’m so glad to know that I can have many good years of running ahead of me yet.

    Also, the discussion of equestrian endurance events was really interesting. It’s a world I knew nothing about but was fascinated by it.

  • Wow and Wow! This was such a fun podcast to listen to. Well, they all are, but I was literally riding horses before I was born, so they are a huge part of my life. I totally LOVE this podcast!!!

    We can promote this podcast after the podcast by Dr Mark #4… talking about the supposed dangers of endurance events. I listened to both the same day and it added interest.

    Thanks again for another great podcast!!!

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