Sock Doc: He said, she said, NSAID – and other important stuff

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  • WOW! one of the best pod casts from the docs (Gangemi or Cucuzella) you guys have had Thanks…. Especially the advice about RICE and NSAIDs…

  • Yea coconut water respect! 🙂 That is like gods gift to hydration after a long run, so good! Great podcast guys, Soc Doc is probably my favorite guest you have on.

  • So this summer my training has really sucked. When I tried to drop from the 50k to the 25 (like I said my training has sucked) in my up-coming race the race director wouldn’t allow it. So I figured I’d knock back a couple of Naprosin and suck it up. I knew that NSAID’s we’re a detriment in training but figured that they get me to the finish line. Now that I understand why there bad I guess I’ll have to hang my hopes on the dietary changes I’ve made. I wonder if Neuro-Linguistic Programing would at least get my brain to the finish even if my body can’t make it 😉

  • Great podcast. I always enjoy listening to the but this was far and away the best one. I knew my nutrition was poor, but I had no idea of everything it could lead to, but as I listened it became pretty apparent that a majority of my issues MAY be related to nutrition. He explains everything in a way that the average person can understand, but more importantly lays it out so that you know why it’s important. Now comes the tough part, getting my 46 year old brain to let go and change.

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