You know you're an ultra runner if. . .

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  • How about you know if you listen to Trail Runner Nation too much if….
    1. You spout off “you need to raise your game” or “you’re better than this” during meetings or at the dinner table.
    2. Your family is tired of Welcome to the Jungle because you just listened to 6 podcasts in a row during a long family trip
    3. You cut your grass while holding a handheld full of Tailwind
    4. You put on a PEK if you’re nervous your spouse isn’t supportive of a bonk – not our bonk, but a Warren Pole bonk
    5. You think of Bill Carr everytime you pass by a McDonalds
    6. You carry baby wipes at work

    … too tired to think of more… great podcast though

  • Alright – the Lady Jane… First and foremost the correct name for this device is the “She-nis”… Just sayin’.

    This little contraption has been used by female Naval Aviators for several years to relieve themselves while strapped securely into ejection seats. Many older aircraft (including the one I used to fly, and my wife currently flies) were designed in an era when women were not factored into the design process; they weren’t allowed on aircraft carriers – why take their needs into consideration when designing the aircraft? Times change. The jet my wife flies has “relief tubes” that vent through the bottom of the aircraft. They work well, if you’re a dude… Not so well if you have “indoor plumbing”.

    During OIF and OEF the mission lengths have been very very long – some in excess of nine hours. What’s a girl to do? The SHE-NIS…! The she-nis fits nicely into the receiving end of the relief tube and allows the woman to take care of her business. By the way – take a look at the directions on the back of the package: the words “and proceed” have always cracked me up.

    By the way – more recently designed jets are gender neutral: everyone uses a “piddle pack”. Its a sock sized zip lock bag with some absorbent powder at the bottom. The She-Nis is still required for safe and tidy operation of a piddle pack.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  • 1. You know you’re an ultra runner when you don’t slow down to projectile vomit. In fact you check your Garmin to see how much your pace improved.

    2. …. If the latest research proved that running was bad for you you would read the article with interest and the go knock out 20 miles.

    3. …. You’ve stepped on a snake during a run.

  • My sister bought me a LADY JANE like 10 years ago because as a high schooler I was paranoid about touching anything in public bathrooms and would make people open doors for me and turn on the water etc… (BTW, I’m over it)…. but she insisted I didn’t need to go in the public restrooms anymore… HA! Never used it….

  • You know you’re an ultrarunner if you dress as Tony Krupicka for Halloween.

    You know you’re an ultrarunner if you recognize the guy’s costume who dressed as Tony Krupicka for Halloween.

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