What kind of speed work do you incorporate into your training?

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  • Usually interval training with the my running club (Bryn Bach Park RC) in Wales UK at least once a week

  • I’m starting to do like 10 -300M all out sprints (in the grass with my toe shoes), with a minute rest in between (once a week). Or I do a 5 mile run in the desert (I live in Las Vegas) to a hill section, then do 8-10 hill repeats, then back. I’m starting to feel the benefits after only a few weeks.

  • Fartlek for sure, because it’s easy and fun. Generally my mid week runs of 10 k or so I alternate mid tempo and fast tempo kilometers. I do about one track workout every 3 to 4 months. Too many nice trails and paths to run . . .

    Do short races count as “speedwork”? If so, then short races also.

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