Dr. Cucuzzella & Sock Doc: What did you learn in 2012?

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steve gangemi and mark cucuzzella
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Scott & Don
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  • Thanks Adolfo I agree it was fun to have everyone together. SocK Doc didn’t say anything controversial this podcast!! He may be disappointed he can’t defend his position for the next few days 🙂

    • Dr. Mark, could you please repeat the titles of the new nutrition books you mentioned in the podcast you had just read? Thanks for all the great insights.

  • The podcast on iTunes (UK) that is supposed to be this one is in fact a podcast with Ashley. Any ideas guys?

    • Try again sometime today. I made a small error when posting that I just corrected. ITunes is a bit delayed, so try this afternoon and let us know.

  • Dr. Cucuzzella and the Sock Doc are two of my favorite guests on TRN. I’ve listened to them so much that I mimic the questions that are asked–and the answers! They have such great information and insight!

    More of these podcasts would be a greatly welcomed.

    To all at TRN, keep running and listening!
    Great stuff!

  • I was flattered to be mentioned in a podcast with these guys. I’m only part way through the listen so far but as always, I love to hear from these respected and super knowledgeable experts.

    Thanks for continually raising your game!

  • Two of my favorites in the same podcast!
    Scott,Don and Faith you are great hosts, your edit free podcasts puts a smile on my face everytime I listen to them.
    Keep up the good work!

    Here is some guys that would be great to have in a conversation with you.
    Dr Phil Maffetone
    Dr Peter Attia
    and a triathlete and health profile from Sweden Jonas Colting.

  • Thanks for another fantastic podcast! I was especially interested in the discussion about kids. My son, 8, has been having heel pain over the past few months – especially when wearing his football cleats + basketball shoes. His physician diagnosed it as Sever’s Disease. In his normal day he wears either Merrell barefoot shoes or Kinvaras. Do you (Dr. Mark or Sock Doc) have any suggestions for his specialty, sports shoes?

    • Hi Holly, don’t buy too much into the Severs Disease diagnosis. It’s just like kids diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters disease – these are muscle imbalances associated with growth and use; they’re common but not normal and they aren’t Diseases. Severs is pretty much Achilles Tendonitis but Dr. Sever didn’t know that 100 years ago so he figured who wouldn’t want a disease named after them (not me). Anyway, I’d treat this just like AT (see SD Video on SD site). So for shoes, though barefoot is best, he might want a bit of support/heel while the Severs, I mean Achilles tension/strain, is healing – so I wouldn’t go zero-drop. I like Nike Free, NB Min Trail, Kinvaras are okay too. Hope that helps. Don’t buy Hokas unless his feet are big enough Don will send him his old pair.

  • Don, now you are making me really happy!
    Dr Maffetone has written “my bible”.
    His book ” The big book of endurance training and racing”is a must read.
    As dr Cucuzella said, this book should be in everybodys bookshelf.
    Thanks for your work.
    Jonas from Stockhom/Sweden

    • Jonas stay tuned for Dr. Maffetone. We had a schedule mix up. I see this as a good thing. I am reading your “Training Bible” now and that will help me when we get a chance to talk with him. Thank you for the comments.

    • Glad to hear that you heard of J.Colting Ian.
      He is a fantastic athlete, very inspiring, focused on health and a provocateur.
      He is in fact a lot like the Sock-Doc without the Doc.
      BTW Colting is going to swim From stockholm to gothenburg this summer, 580km….

  • Love the Trail Runner Nation podcast & can honestly say that both the Sock Doc & Dr cucuzzella have transformed my running & have never felt so fit & healthy as I do now. The interview with Sock Doc way back when he discussed the training principles sent me on a journey of a discovery (which included Phil Maffetone), & changed my life, full on I know, but true. I have friends now going down a similar path, because they see what impact it has had on me. I am 9 weeks out from my first 100 miler (northburn 100 in New Zealand) & am sh*tting bricks but feel ready to tackle whatever is thrown my way. Thanks TR Nation for being informing, funny & down to earth.

    • Have a great day at the Northburn 100. Thank you for your TRN kudos. As you know Trail Runner Nation is comprised of MANY. All the podcast guests and listeners are TRN. We are grateful and recognize everyone’s contribution. Even the SocDoc 😉

  • Hey Guys, thanks for all the great comments. It means a lot.

    Campbell, it’s great to hear that I have finally helped someone sh*t bricks. It’s been a long time dream of mine. 🙂

  • Wow, both running docs in one podcast!, What intellectual firepower! So much wisdom to absorb.
    Towards the nutritional discussions, why don’t we have the concept of “Fat-Loading” in our culture?
    If fat burning is more important to aerobic exercise, then there is way too much “Carb-Loading” in the running literature.

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