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Sometimes when Don makes the schedule, there is a mix up.  We recorded this one night when a guest didn’t show up so we decided to just take about trail stuff.  The truth is, we can’t even remember what we talked about to put in this description!  So listen up and find out 🙂

Here is the study on Sleep we talked about: Sleep

Closing Song: “Heavy” by Collective Soul

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  • I usually sleep in my running clothes the night before a race. I’m always too excited to fall asleep and I’m paranoid about sleeping through races. Is it paranoid if it’s real? I have a legitimate fear of sleeping through a race, especially when I’ve already shelled out $. I have a sordid history of sleeping through races.
    Also lists, I make and revise lists, but always end up tossing extra random stuff into my bag rendering the list pointless.
    Ah well, interesting this and that. I love hearing bits of myself in the podcasts, reminds me that I’m not alone in this obsession.

  • Hey, ya’ll said you’ve put a link in the show notes to the research paper on sleep and performance. I want to read it! Please give us the deets… TRN rocks.

  • Guys, despite your constant whining about what a sorry podcast this episode was, I thought it was great. During my run, it was just like having two friends along dissing each other, forgetting what they were talking about, and rambling from subject to subject. next thing you know, you’re at the end of the trail. Think about doing this type of ‘cast every once in a while. Thanks for all you guys do.

  • Don Freeman – you did a great turn as announcer at Way Too Cool, and it was great to meet you! You even pronounced my name right at the finish line, don’t know how. See you at AR50!

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